Importance Of Marketing Community In Digital Era

Marketing communities are the venues where new ideas are expressed and fostered, where you learn things, meet new people and even find work

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By Sumit Ghosh • Feb 23, 2019

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The world today is increasingly digital. At home, play and work, people are incessantly connected through the internet via numerous networks and devices. This digital kinship raises new challenges and opportunities for companies seeking to manage their customer's communications to create brand and customer value. While individuals and marketers now have more means than ever to reach, influence people, engage with them, share knowledge and expertise in managing things essential for success.

We are in this new digital era of marketing communications, an era subjugated by social media affability and mobile information. Presence of marketing communities thereby leverages the process of developing new ideas, sharing a different level of aspects, a fine place to learn, meeting new people, establishing connections and even finding work.

Just as the growth of the Internet has encouraged companies to embrace social media, so, too, has the fostering of marketing communities become more prevalent. Marketing communities are the venues where new ideas are expressed and fostered, where you learn things, meet new people and even find work.

The marketing community is buzzing and it has so many advantages added with it -

  • Sell without "Selling"

Engaged and invested customers are an important asset when you are marketing your venture when you have got a new service or product, marketing communities discussions and initiate the debates about the different services you propose instead of going rigid on the selling procedure.

  • Answer Queries And Confer Advice

The time when you demand truthful and useful reaction on your services, products, where preferred to search for individuals than in your very own ready built marketing community? Make inquiries, answer questions, urge different users to communicate with one another & quantify feedback.

Moreover, to emboldening engagement this way, bringing up dedicated questions and message boards on your authentic website, answer platforms is a profound way to constantly create highly relevant and unique content.

  • Boost Content Reach And Engagement

A thriving marketing community can notably lower the hedge numerous marketers confront when striving to cartel content. The chances of your content being seen by a large number of people increase dramatically when you already have thousands of super Interested followers on Twitter or an actively engaged forum. Consecutively this leverages your probabilities of getting links and promotion without having to send a single email.

  • Long Tail Search Content

Online forums and Question and Answer platforms not only deliver fresh content they also help dole out traffic to your website from the long tail search queries.

One question which has been asked by a marketing community user may even take the shape of a long tail search that is - "How do you use promotional gifts at an event?" This specific question will be replied by either a representative of the association or another network user, or an employee with a moderate or significant answer.

A long tail search query in this manner will likely be echoed by numerous individuals, near enough asking the exact same question. They will end up on your site, find a highly relevant, useful answer and will likely engage in the community or stay and browse, potentially becoming a future customer.

  • Never seen before content

As we all know that Content is king. Marketing communities are excellent in this subject. On a regular basis new ideas, tips and hacks are shared. With this, there is a continuity in generating high-quality content for your own website.

  • Feedback and Reviews

As far as engagement and SEO is concerned, extraordinary content which is propelled into a social network can finish up as phenomenal connection decoy with almost no effort.

  • Establish Connections

One of the major advantages of the marketing communities is you can build up connections with people, big influencers, company persons and many more. This will definitely help you as well as your business to grow. When you get in talk with people in person you share ideas, stories, get expert advice, learn new things which you can apply to your venture and can get the benefit. It has been said that - "Networking with other businesses allows you to find out how they are dealing with these problems. By sharing your issues with others you'll find many options to choose from, and then you adapt what you hear to meet the needs of your own organization."

It is self-evident that in this marketing epoch, our compeers are often our leading assets for brainstorming, learning, and digging up new techniques. The challenge, after all, is that Ingenious marketers are very few and far between. How do you find them? Marketing Communities is the right place where you can.

Without a doubt, Marketing Communities is the future. As we know amazing things happen when you listen, analyse and keep your minds open to adapt and learn new things. Marketing communities are the magic place where people meet with ideas they need to succeed.

Sumit Ghosh

Founder, PowerAdspy

Sumit is a serial entrepreneur, started his entrepreneurial career with an IT Services company Globussoft and scaled it to USD 2 million in annual revenues.

His second venture Socioboard is into building automation products for digital marketing space, the socioboard product suite which includes PowerAdSpy has MRR of $150,000 and comprises of desktop apps, 3 SAAS products and mobile apps which have more than 1 million downloads and 300,000+ daily active users.


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