How Automation Will Redefine The Future Ryan Rezaie, who built an accomplished career in consulting since the launch of his enterprise in 2016, predicted the rise of automation years ago

By John Stanly

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In recent years, automation has drastically improved how most industries function. Ryan Rezaie, who built an accomplished career in consulting since the launch of his enterprise in 2016, predicted the rise of automation years ago. Ryan is now helping others understand the nuances of automation and real estate.

The Journey

Ryan is a self-made entrepreneur, a quick learner, and a man with a vision. Born and raised in Redondo Beach, California, Ryan spent much of his young adult life working in restaurants.

With experience in hospitality and a drive to be his own employer, he and his brother opened their restaurant in 2015. However, as other ventures started taking off, Ryan decided, with a heavy heart, to sell his restaurant in 2017 to pursue consulting – with the opening of the first office for the consulting firm being a considerable success. Trusting his gut and experience ultimately led Ryan to capitalize on opportunities.

Investment Thesis

Ryan's investment strategy is to put his money on not just in current market trends but in areas where the profit lies in the future. But he suggests not to put all your eggs in one basket. Diversifying revenue streams will also help you learn new skills as well.

Standing Out From The Crowd

Ryan's ability to track and predict market trends has made him successful. Learning from experience and creating networks helped him understand the huge market for investors, real estate ownership, and automotive counseling.

Staying Strong

Ryan has also faced the ever-evolving market trends in the real estate and automotive industry. But that taught him to stay ten steps ahead. "Nothing earned is easy, and nothing easy is earned," he says.

Having a powerful and positive mindset has helped Ryan over the years. His family has kept him running. And now, the team at his multimillion-dollar company has become more than a family.

Growing up with nothing and raising younger siblings have instilled a mentality that he and his family have adopted into current ventures: "We never lose," he says.

Building the Team

Ryan believes that assembling a quality team is of utmost importance to build an empire. Trustworthiness, loyalty, and ambitiousness are three things Ryan seeks in individuals. He puts forward the team's interest, even while doing business.

The Road Ahead

Ryan is currently striving to build his consulting business, with plans to expand in industries such as e-commerce, financial planning, travel, and entertainment. He eventually plans to leave something for not only his children but for those who helped build his success.

John Stanly

Start-up mentor

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