The Evolving Role Of RJs As Social Media Influencers RJs as radio's voice have entered the social media realm and are leading the charge in responding to the changing dynamics of their audience preferences

By Kartik Kalla

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Radio's progressive streak originates from its steadfast spirit, which continues to transform the broadcasting industry. This is essentially the prime reason radio has swiftly adapted to evolving technology and the digital age. It has been on an evolutionary path with the objective of continuing to offer most relevant and refreshing content to the audience.

Radio's transition to use social media and establish presence in a space known for mass consumption is the gradual way forward. RJs usually spend around four hours per day to engage with the listeners on-air and social media has allowed RJs to extend their relationship with their audience beyond the on-air hours. Therefore, RJs as radio's voice have entered the social media realm and are leading the charge in responding to the changing dynamics of their audience preferences RJs as radio's voice have entered the social media realm and are leading the charge in responding to the changing dynamics of their audience preferences.

RJs driving marketing campaigns for brands

RJs are acknowledged as credible voices in the radio industry and are now being recognized as social media influencers. Their presence on social media has compelled advertisers and marketers to launch brand activities that receive significant digital exposure. Given that RJs generate value-added marketing content, targeting and engaging with specific target groups on social media becomes much easier and more effective. RJs are gaining a prominent footprint in the social media space and are able to capitalize on digital exposure to garner popularity for brand initiatives. This hyperlocal approach is the key that helps RJs drive key marketing campaigns for reputed and niche brands. Consumers today are scouting for engaging the content across platforms to keep them updated on relevant information with a dose of entertainment.

RJs are now anchoring as well as advertising

RJs are extending their on-air credibility to attract high traffic on social media platforms in conjunction with brands. As influencers, RJs can communicate effectively with their audiences who consume content and are on the lookout for quality entertainment on various social networking sites. RJs have adapted social media as a strong interaction forum to build upon their on-air personality through reels, videos, interviews and other innovative content strategies. By adding a face to a familiar voice, RJs have been able to reinforce a strong bond with their listeners to share branding and advertising messages with exceptional precision. This format ultimately provides a rich audience engagement experience while also allowing brands and advertisers to choose RJs as their brand custodians.

Brands are harnessing traditional advertising in the digital space

RJ influencers extend the existing traditional content onto the digital platform. Digital marketers continue to assert that social media is an excellent platform to reinforce this engagement and build brand leverage. By actively engaging on social media, digital marketers are collaborating with RJs to utilize these platforms as good avenues for strengthening deeper engagement with specific targeted groups and re-engaging listeners. This even translates to a highly engaged listenership on the radio platform. While radio provides a two-way interactive interface, RJs are proficient at amplifying the same through social media. These collaborations are able to create powerful marketing tools for brands as traditional social media marketing is known to have low credibility index.

Kartik Kalla

Chief creative officer, Radio City

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