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Virat Kohli Joins The Sustainable Squad. But What Is It? On World Environment Day, the 'Sustainable Squad' featuring Virat Kohli, Janhvi Kapoor, Disha Patani, Harbhajan Singh, Shanaya Kapoor, Ananya Panday and many more, comes together as partnerships with Give India and Dolce Vee to power a mass movement to save the environment.

By Kabir Singh Bhandari

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Marking World Environment Day today, some of India's most prominent personalities have joined to form a Sustainable Squad to raise awareness about environmental protection and take concrete steps to protect our planet.

"The Green Rising Sustainable Squad is here to show us that even simple everyday actions can make a huge positive impact on the environment. Happy to be supporting this project that is driving lasting change on our planet," said Virat Kohli.

The Sustainable Squad has started with a preloved closet sale raise to raise funds to plant for a 10 acre food forest, while also promoting circular fashion as one the biggest ways in which we can protect the environment in our daily lives. When purchased preloved over newly manufactured, their contributions will have saved over 6.3 lakh litres of water, and as much carbon as driving a car for over 4175 km. Fans can find the pieces through social enterprise Dolce Vee, and contribute to raising funds for the food forest through their purchases.

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"This day reminds us to reorient ourselves to think about how we can leave a lighter footprint on our planet. Let's take a first step together today - we will all be happier and healthier tomorrow," said fashion designer Seema Sajdeh.

Through this Cornerstone Sport initiative, stars and fans alike can come together to take concrete steps for World Environment Day. A crowd funding campaign with Give India will also connect with the broader community to raise funds for the cause. Exclusive content on the dedicated Instagram handle @TheGreenRising from the Sustainable Squad will bring people together and start important and engaging conversations about how we can protect our planet.

Kabir Singh Bhandari

Former Senior Assistant Editor

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