IT In-sourcing is the Trend to be Followed in the Next 3 Years

Insourcing is bound to take up multiple forms which are under multiple kinds of business model. It doesn't necessarily need to be under the same roof as the organization itself.

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We are at the crossroads of the industrial revolution 4.0, which brings forth a number of different paradigms and revolutionary changes. With such a transformation, organizations will have to readily adapt to the changes taking place and accordingly make arrangements to shift into the new industry and its industrial trends and paradigms. At such crossroads, it is important that we bring forth and understand the trends which the industry is to follow in the coming few years.

1. Increasing need for security and control

More data means more chances the data getting leaked or stolen. The data can be used for gains which may be counterproductive to the organization which really owns the data. In such situations, the need for security and control becomes paramount. This makes insourcing a better option than outsourcing any day.

2. Insourcing will take on multiple forms

Insourcing is bound to take up multiple forms which are under multiple kinds of business model. It doesn't necessarily need to be under the same roof as the organization itself. Branch offices popularly known as captive centres can be built all over the globe to support verticals and departments which need to be developed. Insourcing is bound to become more diverse and more advanced with every passing day as and when the needs of the organizations diversify and become intricate.

3. Insourcing will be the go-to option for intellectual property development

Being the risky business that it already is, intellectual property development always has the risk of being exposed to data and information leakage. With the increasing global connectivity and digitization, this risk has become even more profound and thus it becomes important that the development of intellectual property is done in an extremely secure manner and within the company premise.

Sumit Peer

Founder and CEO, Aurelius Corporate Solutions

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