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How Hyperlocal Commerce is Flourishing in Online Space The hyperlocal commerce fills up the gap between demand and supply instantly, but at the same time requires unique identity

By Samar Singla

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Establishing a brick and mortar business these days requires a lot of effort, manpower and, most importantly, huge setting up costs. The advancement in digital space and e-commerce has led to an enormous growth in the field of hyperlocal deliveries where businesses are made localized through instant deliveries. For hyperlocal commerce to thrive and make a successful entry, getting it online is the next logical step.

According to the study, the businesses target the audience with 5-km radius where products/services can reach within 30 minutes. For physical stores covering such radius, it is important to dive into the online space which exposes them to benefits in the digital space.

(WHY: To establish their brand and build an online presence, creating a visual impression in digital space and engage with the potential customers.)

Makes Unique Brand Identity

The hyperlocal commerce fills up the gap between demand and supply instantly, but at the same time requires unique identity. With hyperlocal commerce, businesses can now build their unique brand identity in the online space. Many times, dependence on other portals and apps takes away the identity, affecting the customer loyalty. However, if a business has the option to establish itself in the online space with its own brand, it gives them the benefit and at the same time expands its selling potential.

Localized Merchandising

The hyperlocal commerce working in online space works on the same principle as of the physical stores with a focus on attending to customers, building relationships and displaying products/services to ensure their visibility. One factor earlier ignored by the businesses in the online space was the instant gratification, which is overcome by the introduction of hyperlocal commerce.

(How:This can be done by having a website and app instantly without any hassles and approvals)

Business Website and App

Today, businesses of all sizes and types work towards establishing a strong online presence through an app or a website. This shows the seriousness of the businesses, reaching out to the prospective customers in the online marketplace. Online businesses systematically display the products/service, showcase the features for better understanding, provide a virtual cart and finally electronically pay for all the purchases, eliminating constraints of time and space.

DIY Project

Having an online presence requires a lot of effort and use of latest technology, which might make the whole process look cumbersome. One of the ways to address this challenge is to make it attractive for the users through simple and do-it-yourself platforms. Such platforms usually do not require any complex coding knowledge. A DIY platform gives the users a chance to build a customized online store from scratch without any prior technical skills.

Thus, hyperlocal commerce in online space through websites, apps and DIY platforms, looks out for local markets nearest to the customer and enables instant deliveries of the product without any hassle or moving of customer to the physical store.

Samar Singla

Founder & CEO, Jugnoo/Click Labs

Click Labs recently announced the launch of Yelo - taking offline businesses online.

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