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3 Ways To Create Viral Content That Amplifies Your Brand Presence Digital marketing experts Andrea Vetrano and Cole Morgan share their tips for growth-worthy content creation

By John Stanly

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Every single day, there are 95 million new posts on Instagram. And Instagram is just one of several digital platforms that see continuous and uninhibited traffic. With all of that going on, how do you make your brand's posts stand out? On top of that, how do you make a post go viral? Digital marketing experts Cole Morgan and Andrea Vetrano share their top three tips for maximizing your content on digital platforms.

Inspire, inform or amuse

According to Morgan, the first thing you need to do is decide what you want your next post to accomplish. "What is the intended effect of this post? Always have specific goals for each social media campaign," said Morgan. Vetrano recommends you start with one of three primary intended effects. "Create a post intended to inspire, inform, or amuse your audience," said Vetrano. "People feel more compelled to share content when you educate them, motivate them, or make them laugh."

Other effective emotions to draw on are nostalgia and advocacy. Once you decide upon your goal, evaluate your content to determine if it is effective. One crucial tip, according to Morgan, is to always look for relevant graphics. "No one will click on your amazing article or blog post if you don't pair it with an image that grabs their interest," he said.

Practice writing good hooks

"Before your post can be widely shared, people have to click on it," said Vetrano. "So you need to make a good first impression. You do this by writing a good hook." According to Vetrano, copywriters and social media managers consider hook writing to be one of the most critical skills on digital platforms.

Morgan shares that a hook is one or two sentences that draw your audience in and convince them to click on your link. "Imply that there is valuable knowledge that people can only gain by visiting your site," said Morgan. "These hooks can vary in tone depending on your brand. But once you master this art, your posts will start going viral."

Know the algorithm

"It would be amazing if every time you created stellar content, it reached a wide audience," said Vetrano. "But viral posting is just as much about strategy as it is about quality." To elevate the reach of your content, Vetrano recommends learning the platform algorithm. "Facebook and Instagram will prioritize some posts over others. Study the algorithm to learn what will drive your posts to the top."

According to Morgan, here are some simple things you can do regarding your platform's algorithm. First, you should use the analytics page on your platform to determine when most of your followers are online. That will determine the best time of day for posting. Second, you should pay the platform to post your content as an ad to increase your reach to potential followers. "Lastly, learn how to use hashtags properly," said Morgan. "There is no faster way to get your content in front of others than by tagging people and using hashtags."

With all the noise and traffic on social media, creating content worthy of sharing is a daunting task. But according to Morgan and Vetrano, it's all about having an educated content creation strategy. And since these gentlemen have created countless viral posts on social media themselves, their advice is certainly worth noting.

John Stanly

Start-up mentor

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