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Women have immense potential, the only thing is to realise it and work accordingly

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Homemakers are the support system of every family. There is no denial of the fact that women are blessed with the talent of multi-tasking and the way in which they keep their homes organized, reflects their management skills and creative insight.

In today's fast-evolving world, it is vital to engage with full enthusiasm and convert your potential into something constructive. Home-makers, with all their powers, can also undertake certain businesses, whilst they manage their homes as always. This wouldn't only earn them the status of a helping hand in the family but also help them learn soft skills and work-life balance.

1. Providing services

According to the reports, a major percentage of college graduates constitute women. More than half of this group in India do not take up any career and occupy themselves with household chores. However, with work from home opportunities, women can work for institutions by acting in the capacity of social media managers, counselors, virtual assistants, transcribers, etc.

2. Blogging

Expressing thoughts, spreading happiness and being an inspiration to the world out there is exactly the need of the hour. From fashion to food and from art and craft to sewing and from spirituality to health, get writing about your passion and discover the endless opportunities that come along.

3. Trousseau packaging

Combining creativity and business acumen is the trendiest way of earning money. Trousseau packing can be started either as a small scale business or directly in collaboration with renowned event planners. Being involved in activities that you thoroughly enjoy will also keep your mind and soul calm.

4. Coach

The saying "Better late than never' holds true when it comes to coaching. Homemakers can catch up with forgotten hobbies and skills and start their own dance and music academies, instrumental classes, art lessons, yoga teaching, meditation sessions, laughter clubs, crotech, baking, etc. The feeling of sharing knowledge with others will fill your heart with bliss.

6. E-commerce

Home run small-scale businesses such as organic farming, candle making, handmade soaps and beauty products are some of the viable options for homemakers. Collaborating with e-retailers or selling through your own social media accounts is both feasible and hassle-free. Coming up with business ideas that are environment-friendly, locally manufactured and organic is always positive

Tips to ensure success for new entrepreneurs

*Start small.

*Stay the course.

*Love passionately what you are doing.

All the best!

Meera Gandhi

CEO and Founder, The Giving Back Foundation

Meera is a prominent global philanthropist, humanitarian, and the founder of The Giving Back Foundation

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