Busting #4 Biggest Myths of Mobile Advertising

There are still several other misconceptions that prevent brand owners from increasing their budget for mobile advertising

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Mobile phones have transformed from a basic requirement to the need of the hour. This change in our lifestyle has been a key player behind the prodigious growth of the digital adverting industry. Mobile phones have mutated the browsing experience from typing a URL to a single touch on an app. This major shift in our lifestyle has led advertisers and marketers to set a separate budget for mobile ads, to promote their product in the mobile sphere. However, as per few predictions, 2017 is expected to see a major increase in mobile promotion budget by advertisers. But there are still several myths about mobile advertising that prevents advertisers and brand owners from spreading their advertising budget into mobile advertising. Let's unveil few myths of mobile advertising that prevent it from leveraging the benefit of mobile sphere.


• Mobile ads are less convincible in making consumer spend – As per the change in consumer lifestyle they are more mobile-friendly than any other device and therefore mobile ads have emerged as an effective ad strategy. We don't deny that mobile ads have an entirely different interface and ads appear small on screen but this doesn't prevent them from clicking if they are interested. Moreover, mobile phones are easy to carry and one can use them whenever they want to. The contented browsing experience provided by mobile phones is also a major reason why brands promote mobile apps as they convert a major sale when compared to other formats.

• Native mobile ads are not that effective- Native ads have been a key factor in stimulating the growth rate of digital advertising. Since the advent of native mobile ads, there has been a myth going around about them not being as effective as online native ads. Let's give this myth a stop, as over the period there is a standardized set of formats has been developed to create mobile ads more simple, creative and advanced. These changes have completely changed the interface of native mobile ads making them a preeminent ad format.

Mobile banners don't work- Banner ads have been a monotonous term since the arrival of advertising. Even in digital advertising banner ads have been lingering since its arrival but there have been myths saying that banner ads are not effective when they come into mobile ad formats. Many advertisers believe that in mobile ads banner look too ragged and don't go well with mobile ad format but with time banner ads have been modified as per the need for mobile ads. The present-day mobile banner ads are as effective as they are in any online ads.

ios Users are more likely a target audience for a high-end brand- Many people believe that ios users are much interested in buying high-end products. Assuming if they use high-end mobile brands so they are not relevant for a low-end brand is a complete imprudence. ios users do not always go for high-end brands and are considered as the potential audience for low-end brands. Mobile ads are relevant for people from all economic background, and they generate the equal sale on all kind of mobile phones.

Here are few myths busted and we clearly perceived that monetization of mobile ads in digital advertising is an effective way of making money in the mobile sphere. Over the period of time, mobile users have increased from 5% to 60% and are expected to grow up to 80% in coming years. The stimulating growth rate of mobile users shows how mobile ad sphere is the best place for advertisers to tap the maximum number of audience in an efficient way.