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This Indian Startup is Giving Serious Competition to Apple PowerSquare boasts of bringing wireless charging technology to three sectors – Consumer Electronics, Automotive and Infrastructure

By Nidhi Singh

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Can you imagine a world without the use of wires? Every electrical device is attached to two or three wires that get tangled into knots mysteriously. All that is needed is a better wireless method to charge your devices in the age of technology.

Not long ago, Apple Inc came with a respite to solve this plague last year with its marquee wireless technology (Apple AirPower) that helped charge iPhones.

Now it's India's turn. To address this malaise, Bengaluru-based PowerSquare Inc started providing solutions for wireless charging. From power transfer in mobile devices, wearables, consumer electronics to automotive components, industrial infrastructure, the list is long.

Founded by industry veterans and serial entrepreneurs Pavan Pudipeddi, Anand Katragadda and Naveen Chava, PowerSquare's mission is to revolutionize the way the world charges mobile devices.

Entrepreneur India caught up with Pavan Pudipeddi, Founder & CEO, PowerSquare Inc to know how his company is charting a path towards a wire-free world.

Wire to Wireless :

For most of his career Pudipeddi has been with Texas Instruments(TI), an American technology company that designs and manufactures semiconductors and various integrated circuits, which it sells to electronics designers and manufacturers globally. Over the last ten years, he has been in the wireless power industry.

"We from our standpoint at TI were looking for next-generation technology that will drive our business. So, we felt that inductive-based wireless charging would be the best one as compared to others because it was the most implementable technology. Others may get great demonstration but when it comes to practical usage from a safety, regulatory and utility standpoint, this inductive based technology made sense," said Pudipeddi.

Area of Focus :

Started in 2013, the company's vision is to touch every facet of consumer life whether it is a home, office or anything else. The bootstrapped Indian start-up is currently focused on bringing wireless charging technology to three sectors – Consumer Electronics, Automotive and Infrastructure.

"We have solutions that cover B2C that go straight to the consumer and then we also have solutions focused on B2B which includes hospitality sort of industry and the offices. Additionally, we work with the automotive companies and Tier1 suppliers to offer a complete "made-in-India' solution for in-car wireless charging " emphasized Pudipeddi adding that in terms of innovation, Powersquare is one of a kind in India.

The company has also developed customizable solutions for Automobile OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to embed wireless charging technology in their electric vehicles.

The regular wireless charger in the market has a circular disc or coaster to charge your phone. However, the challenge is that you will have to put phone in a specific spot while it works.

"Powersqure has patented technology that allows users to charge multiple devices in a large area. And, we are the only ones in the market who have such tech," he added.

From Vision to Reality :

Every business starts with an idea. In case of Powersquare, there were two things that drove the idea of wireless charging solutions.

"One we wanted to innovate and second, we wanted to showcase that we can conceptualize and take the product to production and basically sell it. We didn't want to build a 'me-too' product instead we wanted to do some innovation. Innovation in such a way that all the existing smartphones in the market would work on our charging mat," shared Pudipeddi.

Creating An Experience Outside Phone :

The demand for wireless charging is heavily driven by an increase in mobile usage amongst the youth. Pudipeddi pointed out that these days in a mobile phone industry, a phone is a phone. He believes after iPhone 6 any new phone is just another cosmetic change because it takes good enough pictures.

"After that point, I don't feel a need of upgrading a phone unless it slows down. Now the phone just becomes a better phone or screen. Now it's all about new experiences. Infact, I see the future is going to be experiences outside the phone and we are all beginning to see that. Everyone is going towards a non-mobile experience," he said

Everyone has to charge their devices and there is no way around it. Pudipeddi feels the companies should invest in wireless charging space to understand how they can leverage this technology to build product and services on top of it.

"It could be B2B services, installing wireless charging point at the airport and office or else, B2C which can focus on kitchen countertops where anyone can powerup multiple electronic appliances. That's the future I believe and we are just at the beginning," he concluded.

Nidhi Singh

Former Correspondent, Entrepreneur Asia-Pacific

A self confessed Bollywood Lover, Travel junkie and Food Evangelist.I like travelling and I believe it is very important to take ones mind off the daily monotony .

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