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Future Scope of Accounting Software for Small and Medium Enterprises Some SMEs already use automated accounting software however they spend hours to make their software automate processes

By Rajesh Gupta.

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Businesses large and small benefit from using accounting software because it elegantly captures every transaction. Well-designed accounting software records transactions in digital ledgers. It automatically generates income statements, profit and loss accounts, and a balance sheet. When SMEs begin using accounting software, they discover they have better oversight over their businesses. They also find that bookkeeping is much easier, quicker, and accounting related mistakes are all but eliminated. Keeping these facts in mind, there seems little reason for an SME not to use accounting software.

The future of accounting software holds even greater promise for SMEs. A few ways accounting software will transform small and medium-sized businesses are as follows.

Seamless Integration with Existing Software

An SME today likely uses software to manage accounts. In all likelihood, it has software for project management, invoicing, and payrolls. However, integrated accounting software that encompasses every facet of business has been a tricky proposition. It is common for SMEs to discover an excellent payment app only to find it is impossible to integrate with existing software. A reason this happens is app developers, and software designers aren't talking to each other.

Today app and accounting software developers are collaborating to make different platforms to talk to each other. Such collaboration means payment software is likely to be integrated easily with CRM, payroll, and project management software. In the future, most accounting software is expected to work seamlessly with existing software used by SMEs.

Automated Accounting

Accounting software fully integrated with existing software leads to the seamless capture of transactions. Automated accounting technology adds an additional layer of efficiency on top of this.

Many SMEs use software built around automated processes. Yet new automated software is much more potent than anything that came before. Some SMEs already use automated accounting software however they spend hours to make their software automate processes.

Today's software can be automated with far more ease than older software. While older software needed to be programmed to repeat the most straightforward action, new software records the activities performed by humans. It can easily record keystrokes, cursor movements, and mouse clicks made by business owners. Subsequently, it can repeat these actions automatically. Hence processes that specialists could only automate earlier, today small businesses owners can do themselves.

The process is called Robotic Process Automation and software built around it is expected to be used by SMEs across the world.

Accounting Analytics

Data is the fuel of the modern economy. Like every large enterprise, SMEs have vast stores of data whose potential remains untapped. When AI analyses data, it reveals insights that can make businesses more profitable and smoother. Data generated by SMEs over years or decades has the potential to bring to light hidden opportunities. It leads to actionable insights.

Analytics software can sift through vast quantities of data in the background. It can use existing internal/external data and new data to create lucid narratives about opportunities and threats. The context revealed by analytics is allowing small and medium-sized businesses reach better business decisions.

While analytics has been around for a decade until recently few besides data scientists could help uncover its benefits. Thankfully, the technology has evolved from revealing simple insights such as higher sales in January in next year because historically sales are higher in January. Today it provides a nuanced understanding of market trends and consumer behaviours.

Today analytics can be implemented by small business owners who are not data scientists. New tools bring together SMEs internal data and sift it through external data like weather patterns, socio-economic trends, economic trends and more. The tools correlate relevant external data with internal data which more often than not leads to valuable insights. While this was possible before, today, business owners don't need to employ experts to take advantage of analytics.

The software is easy to deploy and understand. For instance, an apparel manufacturer suffering a drop in sales over the past few quarters needs only to feed an analytics engine, internal product data and external sales numbers to learn reasons behind the fall. The analytics software quickly sifts through data and comes up with insights on its own. Reasons for a drop in sales may be as simple as the removal of a new feature causing an existing product line to become less popular. Analytics software can make such correlations and put them in context allowing business owners can act on them.

Accounting software holds excellent promise today and will have broader use in the future. It can easily be integrated with a firm's internal software such that every transaction is captured effortlessly. It can be automated, thereby eliminating the need to perform tedious, repetitive processes and when acted upon with external data by analytics engines can lead to actionable insights.

Rajesh Gupta.

Co-Founder & Director, BUSY (Accounting Software)

Mr. Rajesh Gupta is the Co-founder & Director of Busy Infotech Pvt Ltd – a company dedicated to providing business accounting software to Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).  An Electrical Engineering graduate from DTU (formerly Delhi College of Engineering), he is the technical mind behind India’s leading Business Accounting Software - BUSY. 

With his profound understanding of business processes, he commercially launched BUSY in 1994. Since then, Mr. Gupta has been instrumental in the continuous growth of BUSY. He is responsible for the overall product development, maintenance and back-end support. Today, BUSY is one of the leading business accounting software available with over 300,000 licenses sold in over 20 countries.


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