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Top #5 Technology Trends in HR Sector Technology offers employers a job pool out of which they choose the best

By Baishali Mukherjee

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Technology has changed the face of every aspect of today's life. Improvisations and optimization of business, connectivity, travel and many daily amenities have made life easy. With the increasing mantle of technology, it is now possible to hunt and shortlist relevant jobs for specific candidates on the basis of the expertise levels.

Influencing the employment industry, technology has impersonated a tremendous transition, as the avenues to seek new jobs have increased. The future of job projections revealed by the US Bureau of Labour of Statistics shows the emergence of jobs over the next decade is going to curate the best content via social media programs.

Technology offers employers a job pool out of which they choose the best. Job hiring and industry trend both reach the intended candidates rather than going the old route of ad placements and consultants.

Recruitment Process Gets Benefitted From Social Media

Employers from different industry have reported over 30% increase in the referral candidate counts via social media recruiting techniques. Industry recruiters have always preferred the candidates referred by existing employees, and social media helps them engage in referral recruitment easily.

Video interviewing over social media channels has also been a part of a long-distance recruitment online trend. Ashish Agarwal, Founder of WORKNRBY, an online job portal for employers and employees, says, "you no longer have to wait for the eligible candidates, as the moment skills of any job matches with the candidate skills, the vacancy automatically gets notified to them."

"Though there are many perks of using social media as the right platform, it also highlights to not to get carried away by the social media profiles," he warned.

Role of Job Portals or Job Search Engines

Job portals have shown a maximum impact of technology on employment. Recruiters and hiring managers find it as the best tool to receive a significant count of applications and scan the best talent out of them. Professional websites like LinkedIn are powerful online tools used by recruiters. Careerrealism, a job portal, states 98% of job seekers will not apply for a job opening for the recruiter who does not have a LinkedIn page.

Online Employer Branding is More Important than Ever These Days

Internet user-base is set to rise to 829 million i.e. 59% of the India's population will be connected and mobile by 2021. Candidates are searching for job opportunities online, browsing through social media profiles of organizations and applying to positions too. Having online employer branding is more important than ever these days.

"At Amway we have taken a mix of offline and online engagement initiatives to connect with potential candidates. The most notable of the online initiatives is partnering with premier jobsites like IIMjobs.com and creating a micro-site where candidates from top B-school can get acquainted with company's culture and benefits," shared Shantanu Das, Chief Human Resources Officer of Amway India.

AI Most Likely to Add to the Efficiency of the HR Function

Another emerging trend finding its way in the recruitment process is Artificial Intelligence. AI is enabling HR managers to automate some part of the hiring workflow, especially the repetitive and high-volume tasks like the matching problem. When it comes to finding a perfect fit for the position, a recruiter is estimated to spend about 23 hours of his time for a single hire. This time includes searching, screening and short-listing ideal candidates from a pool of hundreds of applications. It can further increase for harder-to-fill roles.

"In organizations with high volume and high attrition rates, tools and processes involving AI are most likely to add to the efficiency of the HR function. As organizations see value in these tools, intelligent systems are more likely to be embraced and become an integral fragment of the hiring process, enabling professionals to make wiser and faster decisions," added Das.

Technology Helps us Streamline and Strategize

One of the key technology trends Amitabh Akhauri, Chief Human Resources Officer of Jindal Stainless Limited, has observed in the current working scenario is entering a candidate's data only once at the time of inviting applications and replicating the same data across systems till the very last step of hiring that person.

"Eliminating multiple data entry steps, with the same information repeatedly, ensures zero error. It also helps in reducing duplication of effort and in conducting the hiring process seamlessly with the help of automation. The only time one needs to enter new data in the system is after the candidate is recruited and when his statutory documentation is required," informed Akhauri.

Another trend that has become quite prevalent with companies is the assessment of employees through online aptitude tests. Eliminating manual effort where every soft skill of a candidate is perceived with pure judgment, an online aptitude test removes judgment. It also helps you make the selection process more robust and focused.

Baishali Mukherjee

Former Freelancer

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