Microsoft Looks To Become Increasingly Involved With Web3 Development

Microsoft will assist chosen businesses in the Astar Incubation Program with tools, marketing support and a mentorship network, to help them flourish in the burgeoning worldwide market

By John Stanly • Mar 11, 2022


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One of the most widely discussed topics nowadays is that of Web3. More specifically, people are talking about how we are getting closer to a new digital revolution which will usher in a new era known as Web3 which will also simultaneously end the current Web2 era.

As such, there are numerous projects, firms, businesses and large-scale organizations which are all working towards securing their position within this upcoming new digital world, and most recently Microsoft has thus also gotten involved and has established a partnership with Astar Network.

What is Astar Network?

Astar Network is a Polkadot Smart Contract Hub for WASM and EVM. Astar may best explained as a multi-chain smart contract platform which works with a variety of blockchains and virtual machines. Polkadot Network is a Layer-0 relay chain, and Astar Network offers complete functionality for various WASM and EVM smart contract applications built on top of it. Essentially, Astar Network has become the ideal choice for developers looking to write smart contracts with WASM and EVM on a secure and adaptable blockchain on Polkadot.

Microsoft and Astar

Microsoft, one of the world's leading technology firms and a strong market leader in a wide range of industry areas with a variety of products, has announced that it will assist Astar Network in building and implementing the Web3 future through the Astar Incubation Program. Microsoft and Astar Network will hence collaborate on the Astar Incubation Program as part of their arrangement. Microsoft will assist chosen businesses in the Astar Incubation Program with tools, marketing support and a mentorship network, to help them flourish in the burgeoning worldwide market.

As to what it is, the Astar Incubation Program simply seeks to cultivate prospective and talented businesses in new sectors of the Web3 space, as well as to promote Astar Network adoption in general via the offering of hands-on support, seed investment, mentorship, and an extensive network. With Microsoft's participation in the Astar Incubation Program, the Astar ecosystem now has the formal backing of one of the most inventive and tech-driven corporations in human history, all the more reason to be paying attention to Astar going forward.

In the words of Sota Watanabe, Astar Network's Founder, "Microsoft delivers high-quality resources to the Astar ecosystem's incubated projects, which we believe will substantially benefit entrepreneurs." Furthermore, as one of the most open-minded and progressive technology leaders in the world, the Astar team greatly appreciates Microsoft's dedication to Web3 pioneers and to Astar's own ecosystem.

Microsoft going all in on Astar Network

All approved technological projects will get exclusive access to the 'Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub', which eliminates conventional obstacles to launching a business by providing free access to technology, support and coaching. This is vastly beneficial for anyone looking to establish a strong footing in such a competitive global environment.

Additionally, founders will be mentored by experts in every discipline, from technology to go-to-market strategy, and will also have access to capital investment. With Microsoft's help, incubated projects will therefore be ready to enrol potential corporate customers and maximize market influence from the very start. Microsoft also offers up to $350,000 in perks to chosen firms via Github Enterprise, Microsoft Teams, and Azure credits (up to $150K/four years).

A new partnership for a new era

"We are thrilled to be able to assist Astar Network. Empowering every individual and organization in the world to achieve more is our prime directive as Microsoft has long supported Web3 development and we believe Astar can accomplish some truly amazing things in the future," stated Mikito Ebishima, Microsoft's Product Marketing Manager.

Lastly, Microsoft and Astar Network are developing shared roadmaps to assist projects in the Astar Incubation Program in their efforts to innovate and alter the world with Web3 technology. Needless to say, this is a collaboration that is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

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