The Cyber Security Wunderkind

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Establishing itself as one of the most premier cyber security companies in the world, Avalance has made a distinctly remarkable mark in the space of providing unique Cyber Security platforms to enterprises and governments. With an aim to abolish the possibility of unauthorized access to databases by classifying the weaknesses in the digital space, the company harnesses its experience to provide greater operating time. A robust portfolio of solutions specially designed for the consumer's unique critical environment allows Avalance to assure zero-day exploits, and provide custom remediation. The main offerings of Avalance Global Solutions are its proprietary solutions AISOC and Zeustride.

AISOC focuses on enhancing the security industry with a variety of patented products and services to tackle gaps that rise in networks. The main goal is to expose and obliterate vulnerabilities that are caused due to various reasons including incorrect configurations or even human error. Remediation recommendations are prioritized based on criticality and in relation to the customer's most critical assets. The customer achieves a continual cycle of security posture improvement, optimizing security investments and human resources, and lowering exposure and risk.

Zeustride is an artificial intelligence-machine learning based solution focused on targeting and uprooting online piracy. A specialized team of global copyright experts along with automated multi-step mitigation techniques allow the company to rapidly eliminate large volumes of infringing content instantly. Real Time Reporting Tool keeps the consumer informed on the status of each violation, complete with all relevant data on the incident. The platform is uniquely designed to give remote access to any device that has a decent internet connection. On ensuring that the organization stays ahead of the competition and keeps thriving, Manan Shah and Ravi Ganatra, the Founder and CFO respectively of Avalance Global Solutions say, "As with anything else, the key is to constantly educate oneself and be up to date with current affairs because it's astounding - the rate at which the world comes up with new innovations, and at the same time hackers come up with newer techniques of attacks. We believe that it's important to
know what's happening and to adapt to your surroundings, if you want to stay on top." This dynamic duo aspires to expand into new geographies and contribute towards improving cyber security systems globally with an ultimate aim to make Avalance a Fortune 500 Company.


Year of inception: Oct 2015
No. of employees: 110
External funding received so far: 2.2 Million USD
Major clients: Dubai Police, Pepsico, ICICI Bank, Emirates NBD, Government of Dubai, Godrej, Whatsapp, Reliance, Tata, Oyo, Zomato, HUL and few Bollywood production houses among others.
IP developed/patented: AISOC & ZEUSTRIDE