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Travel Most Conveniently Through a Reliable Train Ticket Booking Service Rail Ninja is an online service that allows you to book train tickets for 1,500 routes and in over 50 countries worldwide

By Shishir Jajoo

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Traveling is an enriching life experience that opens you up to new opportunities. By exploring a new place, you can discover another culture and perspective on the world, which can help you grow as a person. It's a fantastic way to unwind and forget the daily responsibilities for a while and an opportunity to learn more about yourself and the world around you. However, planning is essential before embarking on your next adventure, and transportation is one crucial aspect to consider. More often than not, people choose to travel by plane or their own vehicle. But there are also those travelers who'd rather opt for train travel, and that's because it is convenient.

Unlike planes and cars, trains provide comfort, as they are more spacious, having wider seats and, as a result, more leg room. Plus, traveling by train is also hassle-free, as you no longer have to wait in long security lines. And let's not forget about the environmental implications – rail travel is the greenest choice when traveling, which means you can enjoy your ride while also caring for the planet. However, planning a train trip can be cumbersome, and that's because local train carriers don't consider international travelers at all. Only local payment methods are accepted, there is no site localization, and it can be pretty challenging to navigate the full timetable, as carriers show only their departures. This can be discouraging for many, but what if you learned there is a way to travel by train across the world? With Rail Ninja, that dream will become a reality.

Book High-Speed Trains Around the World with Rail Ninja

Rail Ninja is an online service that allows you to book train tickets for 1.5k+ routes and in 50+ countries worldwide. The company offers endless route possibilities, such as:

  • Vienna-Budapest;
  • Lisbon-Porto;
  • Oslo-Bergen;
  • Paris-Berlin;
  • Seville-Madrid, etc.

But the train routes aren't only limited to European locations. You can also explore trains to Australia and Asia. On Rail Ninja, you can choose from more than 90 routes for your Asian adventure. China, Japan, and South Korea are fantastic destinations that shouldn't miss from your travel list, and traveling there by train is an excellent choice because of the well-developed railway systems of these countries. High-speed trains move at significant speeds – higher than 120 miles/ hour. Since they aren't bothered by uneven roads or traffic, you can rest assured that you'll get to your destination on time without experiencing fatigue due to unfavorable conditions. High-speed trains are the perfect alternative for people in a rush but who want to avoid driving. As statistics show, car accidents are still a common issue nowadays, and high-speed trains are a better option in this sense, too, as they rely on efficient safety measures. Train operators use tech innovations to detect anything that poses a threat to the train and, thus, prevent accidents from occurring.

Rail Ninja Journey To Global Train Ticket Booking Platform

Rail Ninja was launched in 2017 by Slava Shirokov, born in a small town in the Far East, on the border with China. He fell in love with train travel after taking several trips on the Trans-Siberian railway. In his 20s, he traveled a lot across Europe and the US, and during his experience, he realized that there's a lot of room for improvement in international travel. In the 2010s, digital experiences were an unexplored territory, and only airfares and hotels were available. That's what led him to build Rail Ninja – he wanted train trips to be as convenient as hailing an Uber, so he focused on accomplishing this mission. It was all a success, as Rail Ninja gradually became a global booking platform offering point-to-point train tickets to everyone who loves exploring the world.

Initially, the company offered several routes in Central Europe to facilitate cross-border travel between Czechia and Hungary, for instance. However, after realizing that people need help with the train when it comes to some locations in the world, Rail Ninja wanted to bring an opportunity to travel enthusiasts. Thus, it expanded its geographic coverage and made traveling as seamless as possible by allowing people to book tickets in advance to enhance their experience. The company has grown exponentially during the past years, ultimately becoming a top service for booking train tickets online:

  • 2017 - Timetable coverage for key European destinations like Italy, France, UK & Ireland, Central & Eastern Europe
  • In 2018, the company added a timetable for Asian countries like South Korea on its platform, which quickly became one of the top 10 best-selling travel destinations.
  • In 2019, Australia and Canada were available on Rail Ninja's platform;
  • During 2020-2021 when the Covid pandemic restricted international travel, the company focused on expanding its coverage, adding timetables for different routes across the world, from Georgia to the USA, and Morocco to Malaysia.
  • In 2022, Rail Ninja is the only platform offering routes on all continents.

Traveling by train is an unparalleled experience, especially nowadays, when high-speed rail networks exist in both the European and Asian continents. During a rail trip, you'll enjoy a peaceful and quiet time, as you don't have to worry about security procedures. Plus, there's something old-school about riding the rails, regardless of where you're traveling. Unlike plane cabins, train seats are not cramped – it's quite the opposite; the level of comfort they provide is unprecedented. Moreover, they also allow you to get a sense of the place you're traveling across.

This wouldn't be possible if you traveled by car, as you couldn't really enjoy the surroundings, because you'd have to drive cautiously and pay attention to the road. But when traveling by train, you can admire the view and relax as you sit comfortably. And if you're not so much into sightseeing, the good news is that traveling by train gives you the freedom to do literally anything you want, from reading a book to napping. The possibilities are endless!

Are you ready to book your train ticket to your favorite destination?

As you've probably figured out, traveling by train has many advantages. Fortunately, you can now book a ticket even for international travel, which means there are no limits! So, what are you waiting for? Choose a destination and get ready to explore!
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