Why It's Vital For Startups To Adopt A Smarter Communication Model From The Start The various benefits of adopting an enterprise messaging application.

By Bhavin Turakhia

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While starting a business is hard, finding the right resources can be even harder. From strapping funding options, setting team structures and product specs, to optimising costs, the first few months are nothing short of mayhem for a startup. Work happens on-the-fly, and more often than not, entrepreneurs search for that magical elixir to bring order to this chaos. A smarter communication model and apps and services that work like clockwork and get activities streamlined like never before are that elixir.

Recently the popularity of enterprise messaging apps has increased tremendously, for their ability to make users far more productive, and for being instrumental in providing flexibility at work. If you are part of the current Startup ecosystem, you are also aware that these apps are the Holy Grail of collaboration and communication. However, one thing that we often don't realize is that adopting an enterprise messaging application not only serves a blend of collaboration and communication needs, but also empowers employees with a subtle balance of authority and responsibility.

Here's why we feel every startup should consider enterprise communication tools, especially if one is about to embark on a startup journey. These tools can be your most treasured resource and almost akin to your sidekick at work.

Get everyone on the same page

Want to know what your teams are thinking? Use these nimble apps to create groups, brainstorm from wherever you are, jump on to a video conference and ditch the need for in-person meetings altogether.

Work faster and smarter with clients and vendors

Emails, phone calls and other traditional communication methods are slow and bound to slip through the cracks, often resulting in delayed deadlines. With messaging tools, you can invite clients and vendors on board and make sure your team interacts directly with them. Feedback, approvals and decisions are now a speedy process. The developer community within the organization can now discuss and share code within the deployed messaging platform itself.

Stay on schedule

Organising and prioritising gets a whole lot simpler in modern times. Several enterprise messaging services allow you to set actionable to-do's and easy reminders for you and your team. When you complete a task or a deadline is approaching, these slick apps make sure to let you know!

All your important information in one place

Notifications are everywhere, and their management is an especially interesting area for startups. With integrations and webhooks, professionals can assimilate frequently used apps and get notified instantly. Webhooks allow notification management on the messaging platform itself. They are mechanisms through which external programs can talk to your enterprise messaging service and vice versa, making the need to switch between multiple apps a thing of the past.

When it comes to your business, pick security over all else

With the ever growing needs of a venture, personal chat messengers never make the cut for business communication. Enterprise communication tools on the other hand are built from scratch to serve work collaboration needs. These tools maintain high standards of security and deploy best practices for data encryption for communication.

A few of these applications are free of cost for unlimited users. With the tech industry growing in leaps and bounds, it is only a matter of time before smart enterprise communication tools are the go-to communication tool for the Startup community.

Bhavin Turakhia

CEO and Founder, Flock & CEO and Co-founder, Zeta

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