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15 Surefire Prospecting Tips To Acquire More Customers Ditch cold-calling and implement these 15 surefire tips to acquire customers and make more sales.

By Brian Tracy

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Prospecting is often considered the top challenge when it comes to growing a business.

If you're relying on cold-calling, it can be awkward and unproductive.

A new way of looking at cold-calling is not doing it at all. Instead, entrepreneurs are warm-calling.

Research the prospect before you even pick up the phone so that you can really find a problem they have and offer a solution.

In addition to personalization, use these prospecting tips to help you succeed at acquiring more customers.

1. Confidence Is Heard

Prospects will notice confidence in your voice and it will directly affect the success of your call. When making calls, keep in mind that the person on the other end can't see you and can only develop their trust in you based on the way you sound. If you're confident in yourself, they will become confident in you, too.

2. Mistakes Happen

If you are beginning in a new role, you may not know all the answers and may make some mistakes. Use the calls you fumble through as learning tools to improve your skills.

3. Know When It Isn't A Good Fit

Determine whether your product is a good fit for the potential customer. If what you are selling isn't a good fit for the needs of the prospect, know when to back off and not push it.

4. Don't Be A Salesperson

If you take on the role of a consultant, rather than a salesperson, you will be able to honestly analyze the prospect's particular needs and make a recommendation based on that. Be helpful and friendly.

5. Ask Questions

When you don't know the answers, don't be afraid to ask questions. Not only will you learn more about the product you're selling, but you will appear more genuine and honest when you seek out the correct answers rather than giving the wrong ones.

6. Don't Give Up At The First Objection

Prospects will provide objections like need, authority, and budget. Use this as an opportunity to learn more about their needs and offer assistance based on that.

7. Stay Positive

Being energetic and upbeat will come through your voice, and your prospects will sense that positive energy when speaking to you.

8. Use Social Media To Your Advantage

It's always a great idea to look up the person you're prospecting via social media first. Not only will you gather insight on the person, their company, and their interests, but you can also reach out to them through those forms of communication as well. Share posts, favorite tweets, and reach out on social media before calling.

9. Do Your Research

Along the same lines of social media, make sure to check out your prospect's company website to gather insight on their business. Understanding your buyer helps you sell them a product that correlates with their needs.

10. Stay Organized

If you schedule an appointment with a prospect, make sure you keep it. Keep a calendar and set up alerts to remind you of calls a few minutes before they are scheduled. Effectively organize documents and notes on conversations you have so that you can easily come back to them another time.

11. Be Efficient And Effective With Messaging

Often, your first contact with a prospect will come via voicemail or email. Make sure to remain upbeat in your messaging, and keep it short, sweet, and to the point. Ensure the subject lines of your emails are effective.

12. Know Your Product

Research your product or service to be able to effectively and clearly explain its advantages. However, don't overwhelm your prospect with information about the product. Listening to what they need will help you explain how your product can assist them with their needs.

13. Be A Person

Remember that your prospects want to talk to an actual human being, not a person reading off a cold calling script. Bring some personality into your conversation and interact in a manner that proves to the prospect that you are committed to helping them.

14. Build Relationships

Follow up with prospective clients and follow through with what you say you are going to do for them. Have a system in place for how you will follow up with your prospects and provide a personal touch to prove you understand their needs.

15. Challenge Yourself

Set goals and outline paths that you can take to attain those goals. This will not only help you acquire more customers, but it will help your entire team as well.

Do you have any tips you want to add? Leave them in the comments below.

I've also created an essential prospecting checklist that you can print out and use on any sales call, which you can get by simply clicking the button below.

Brian Tracy

Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International, Speaker and Author

Brian Tracy is chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International. He is the leading coach on the topics of leadership, self-esteem, goals and success psychology. Learn more at

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