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3 Things You Need to Do to Achieve a Business Breakthrough Here are three specific things that I've seen accelerate success time and time again.

By Jeanne Omlor

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So, you've been grinding through the last year or so, trying to make your business successful and profitable. And still, that big breakthrough remains elusive.

As a multi-seven-figure business coach who has helped 700+ entrepreneurs build businesses online, I'm often asked what it actually takes to break through and sustain six-figure months. Of course, maintaining six-figure months does not happen overnight, but I have isolated three specific things that I've seen accelerate success time and time again.

While it could be chasing shiny objects, quitting too soon or losing focus on the things that will actually move the needle in your business, you do not need to accept these outcomes for yourself.

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1. Get organized and efficient

While still working 60-hour weeks in healthcare, Joanne came to me to start her own coaching business in hopes of being able to cut back on grueling work days. I told her I wanted to help her, but we were going to have to be as efficient and organized as possible in order to make the most of the time she did have available.

Despite working so many hours outside of her business, Joanne got herself organized from the start and was able to consistently create marketing content, bring on clients and develop her program.

Joanne took massive action, but it was not random. Random action may feel exciting, but it does not work long-term and only creates chaos and confusion. It might feel like you're taking action, but it's not meaningful unless there is a clear plan and desired outcome. This doesn't mean you shouldn't ever think on your feet — in fact, that is a crucial skill to have as an entrepreneur. But your business strategy and focus should have intention.

Once you have an organized plan, you need to make sure you are operating at your highest productivity level. That doesn't mean doing the most you possibly can at all times. Being "very busy" is not the answer. It's being busy taking strategic action and doing what will move your business forward, even if that means some of the "fun stuff" takes a back seat. If you are filling your days with tasks and not seeing profits for your efforts, you're spending too much time being unproductive.

2. Show grit (or develop it)

I started working with Sarah after she had been trying to gain traction in her business for two years. She had recently quit her successful corporate career and knew she had a gift for helping other women but had fears about charging high-ticket for her program.

On our very first call, it became clear to me that Sarah was not lacking knowledge, ability or self-belief. She was paralyzed by perfection, afraid of making mistakes and not being liked.

After 12 weeks together, Sarah brought in $30,000 in revenue. So, what changed? What shift had to happen to transform Sarah and her business? Grit.

This is the "whatever it takes" stuff that leading entrepreneurs have. It's perseverance, it's consistency, it's failing and starting again over and over and over if you have to. It's taking ownership and making things happen for yourself.

And what is grit not? Waiting for everything to be perfect, worrying if people like you, complaining and blaming.

Not one successful person in any arena has succeeded without grit. Have you ever heard a top business leader or billionaire get to their level and say "Wow, that was so easy!" Never. When you can develop a high level of grit and resilience, success will happen.

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3. Get help

Tamara was still working as a physician when she started her home organization business. Between long days at the hospital, creating marketing content and serving her clients, she was approaching burnout and feeling scattered.

Tamara's business was making money, but not at the rate she knew it could if she just had more bandwidth. And she didn't want the momentum that she did have to tank because she couldn't keep up. It was time to get help.

Tamara hired her first virtual assistant to help with general business tasks and lead generation. Within a few weeks, she had two more clients, had a team member she could rely on to help keep her organized and had renewed energy in her business.

Getting help is vital. If you are doing everything yourself, it's impossible to grow beyond a certain level and be the best at everything. Finding someone who can identify the weak spots, support where needed and share in your vision of success is key to breaking through to the next level.

This could be your year for a major business breakthrough if you follow these three tips for increasing your organization and productivity, digging deep and developing grit, as well as getting help.

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Jeanne Omlor

Business Coach for Coaches

Jeanne Omlor is known as the Queen of Authentic Marketing and works with coaches to grow to high 6-7 figures. She went from $0 to $1M in revenue in 17 months online & is now at multiple 7 figures after 3 years. She helps her clients with proven strategies for marketing, mindset & heart-based sales.

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