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4 Signs It's Time to Let Go of That Idea You Thought Was a Winner

Success requires that you never give up. Success also requires you stop kidding yourself about what isn't working.

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It starts off simple. It can be an idea, a new strategy, a new way to grow and build your business. You are excited about all of the possibilities and are anxious to get to work. You know that time is the only true test to see if this is meant to be, but that doesn't stop you from forming beliefs in your mind. As you encounter struggles, you push through because that's what you're supposed to do.

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Sometimes, pushing through is just what you need to make progress. Other times, something else happens -- you encounter a resistance that's stronger than you can handle. You discover obstacles that you didn't know existed. You see that idea or dream slip right away right in front of your eyes and you just can't believe it. You are hurt because it affects your business and mindset in so many ways. It even threatens to destroy what you worked so hard to build.

In the back of your mind, you hear a little voice telling you it's time to let go but you just can't. This is your idea, your dream, and your business. You built this from the ground up and aren't ready to let go. But, letting go may be just what you need to succeed or thrive. Here are four signs it's time to let go of something in your business and how to cope as you do.

1. You've tried different ways to make it work but it never does.

In an effort to make something work, you try different ways and strategies. You think if you can just make certain adjustments, you will get a different result. It may work but there are a lot of times when it still doesn't help. If you have tried multiple ways to work an idea, a strategy, or even grow your business but nothing works, you need to get honest with yourself.

Not everything is meant to work out the way we want it to. If life worked that way, you probably wouldn't be reading this article. Learn the lesson from the experience and be strong enough to move on. There's not enough force in the world that can make something happen if it's not the right fit or time.

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2. You are trying to justify the negative.

As things go wrong, you try to stay positive. You know life throws obstacles at us so you adjust and try to justify the negative of what's happening. When you have to justify anything, that's a sign that there's a problem. Negative experiences are a warning sign and an indication that something needs to be fixed. See the negative for what it is and use it to help you let go when it's time. Too much negativity can drag you down with it.

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3. It is not helping you move forward.

To grow a business and become a successful entrepreneur, you need growth and movement. The things you spend your time on each day should help you move forward towards a goal. If you are constantly fighting, you can't move forward. If you are consistently making excuses and dealing with the negative, you aren't moving forward. If what you're holding onto isn't helping you move forward, you need to let go.

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4. You are losing time, energy and your motivation.

You got into business for a reason. Every day in entrepreneurship isn't going to be an exciting roller coaster ride, but what you're doing should excite you. If you are holding onto something that constantly does the opposite, wake up. When you feel like you are dragging and dread what you have to do, it will hurt your energy and that in turn will suck away your motivation. And all of that is a big waste of your most valuable resource, your time. Let go of anything that wastes your time, hurts your energy, and distractions your motivation.

Don't hold onto anything in your life for longer than you know is healthy. It can be a part or all of your business. It can be friendships or other types of relationships. Holding on keeps you from seeing other, possibly better, options. It could be taking you down the wrong path and keeping you from accomplishing your biggest goals. Let go. It does not mean that you failed--it means that you are resetting for something better.

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