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ROI Isn't Everything — Don't Overlook These 6 'Immeasurable' Metrics That Define Business Success ROI isn't the only marker of business success. Here are the metrics that truly matter.

By Chris Kille Edited by Chelsea Brown

Key Takeaways

  • Why you shouldn't focus solely on ROI
  • Six key success metrics you may be overlooking

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Listen, I get it. When you're in the entrepreneurial game, it's tempting to zero in on one number: ROI or Return on Investment. It's the classic, the old reliable. But let's get real for a second — focusing solely on ROI is like judging a movie solely by its box office earnings. You miss the nuances, the essence and — dare I say it — the soul of the business.

Enough with the accounting textbooks already! ROI isn't the end-all-be-all. There are more dimensions to business success than dollars and cents. Ever heard of customer satisfaction? Employee engagement? Social impact? Yes, I'm talking about those "soft metrics" you often sweep under the rug. Trust me, overlooking these can be the Achilles' heel for your empire.

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1. Employee happiness: The backbone of your business

Let's cut through the fluff: Your employees aren't cogs in a machine; they're the backbone of your business. Their happiness translates into productivity, which snowballs into everything you care about — customer satisfaction, ROI and your bottom line. Don't just toss a survey their way once a year; dig deeper. Use tools like the eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score), OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) and regular one-on-ones to get a temperature check. Remember, a happy employee is engaged, and engagement is a direct route to skyrocketing productivity.

2. Customer satisfaction: The North Star of business metrics

So, you've got a killer product. Great. But if your customers aren't happy, all the ROI in the world won't save you. Dive into metrics like Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and Net Promoter Score (NPS) to get into your customer base's psyche. And forget about faceless transactions; build relationships. Turn customers into raving fans, and watch how quickly your "immeasurable" metrics start adding zeroes to your ROI.

3. Social impact: More than just a buzzword

Think social impact doesn't affect your bottom line? Think again. Millennials and Gen Z are voting with their wallets and want to invest in businesses that stand for something. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) isn't just for show; it's a necessity. Whether it's sustainability or social justice, align your business with causes that matter and measure the impact. Trust me, "doing good" has never been better for business.

4. Holistic success: The new gold standard

If you're still clinging to ROI as your sole success metric, you live in the past. We're entering an era where holistic success is the gold standard. It's not just about financial gain; it's about creating a business that's a force for good, that people love to work for and that customers rave about. It's about a 360-degree view of success.

5. Cultural capital: The underestimated asset

Another critical dimension often overlooked is cultural capital. I'm not talking about office parties or casual Fridays. I mean the ethos, the core values, how your team interacts and the unspoken norms that govern your business environment. This cultural fabric isn't just window dressing; it's a strategic asset influencing everything from talent retention to your brand's market perception.

A strong, positive corporate culture can be a significant differentiator in competitive markets. It's time we start putting a value on this intangible asset. Tools like cultural assessments or even deep-dive interviews with staff can unearth the layers of your company's culture. Invest in this immeasurable asset because your competition probably isn't; this could be your competitive edge.

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6. Intellectual property: Measuring the intangibles

Ah, the mystical realm of intellectual property (IP) — an area of your balance sheet that isn't often talked about yet holds immense value. Whether it's a patent, a unique business process or even your brand equity, these intangibles contribute massively to your overall business worth. And guess what? They're often missed when you're glued to ROI. Establish methods to gauge the value and effectiveness of your IP; it's not just legal mumbo-jumbo but an asset that can have an exponential payoff in the long run.

The immeasurables are measurable: The tools you need

Who says you can't measure the immeasurables? With the advent of advanced analytics tools, you can quantify almost anything. Consider using sentiment analysis tools to gauge customer feelings or sophisticated survey methods to measure employee engagement. Go beyond Google Analytics; delve into customer behavior and trends with AI-powered insights. Take a closer look at your supply chain — there are hidden social impact indicators all along the way. The point? There's a treasure trove of data if you're willing to look.

The action plan

Talk is cheap; it's time to act. Start by auditing your current metrics — what are you measuring and why? Then, identify the "immeasurable" metrics that align with your brand ethos. Once you've done that, put your money where your mouth is. Invest in the tools, the people and the time required to track these new metrics. It won't happen overnight, but if you start now, you'll be light years ahead of the competition, who are still stuck counting beans.

Folks, we're in the business of building legacies, not just bank accounts. Sure, ROI is important, but it's not the only marker of success. So, let's disrupt the conventional wisdom, shall we? Stop fixating solely on ROI, and broaden your lens to include the metrics that truly matter. Because at the end of the day, we're really measuring the impact we're making on the world. And isn't that the ultimate success?

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Chris Kille

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor

Founder at EO Staff

Chris Kille in Boston, MA, innovates in business efficiency, focusing on Virtual Assistant services and Payment Processing tech. He identifies growth opportunities and streamlines operations to enhance profitability. Chris values networking for success and fosters partnerships for speedy growth.

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