6 Key Factors in Attracting High-Level Clients

Aiming for upper-tier customers for a product or service requires a specific mindset and type of strategizing, and a restlessly creative spirit never hurts.

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By Nida Leardprasopsuk

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Simply described, high-level clients are those who want the ultimate solution — one that will, without doubt or complication, get them the results they're looking for. They don't like to waste time shopping around and making wrong choices, and here are the things you need to work on in order to attract them.

1. Stand out with a thought leadership brand

When you look like everybody else, clients have no choice but to make decisions based on price comparisons. Those of the upper-tier variety want to work with leaders, not followers, so you need to present to them a disruptive-thought leadership brand that stands out from the rest of the crowd.

2. Have an original point of view

In alignment with point number one, it's vital that you lead a market with a unique perspective, such as addressing an inconvenient truth that nobody wants to talk about, but which customers need to know. How will that novel approach make you original in the way you solve problems for them?

3. Apply unique methodology

Take a deep dive into your company's spiritual foundation: determine what's special about what you do and how you do it. In order to deliver exceptional results, there needs to be something different in how you deliver your expertise compared to what most people do. This may sound elementary, but I couldn't begin to count the number of experts I've encountered who, while being masterful at what they do, aren't entirely certain of how… had become unconsciously competent. So, make an effort at listing exactly how you do what you do — get into the nitty gritty, and don't leave any detail out. That effort is a golden pathway to a client-ready and winning narrative of how you've perfected your art and developed unique methods and solutions.

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4. Solve an important problem

High-level clients are looking to solve high-level issues, knowing that when they do so, a bunch of smaller ones inevitably get solved, too. They address them at the root cause, not at the surface level. So, take a look at the current problem you solve with your product or service. Is it important? If it's not, hit the development books about shifting or expanding to solve a more vital one, which starts with some vital questions. Write down the current problem you solve and ask if it is a subset of a bigger problem. What is that? How about the level above that?

Instagram Reels, for example, is a subset of Instagram strategy, which is a subset of broad social media strategy. Social media strategy, in turn, is a subset of marketing and branding. High-level clients will likely not invest to learn or make Instagram Reels, but they will invest to have someone create a marketing and branding strategy.

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5. Build intellectual property

Write a book, but not just any book — produce one that creates high value, shares your deep expertise with an audience and positions you as an authority leader in your field. Make sure your passion, vision, mission, authenticity, unique methods and original point of views are communicated throughout. Write in a way that provides readers transformational moments in your own life as well as practical strategies they can implement. Give everything you've got, and don't hold back.

Many make the mistake, in the process, of thinking they are giving away too much for too little — that they should reserve such valuable content for high-ticket clients — and end up writing a book that shares only half of what they know. The result of this scarcity mindset is almost inevitably average instead of exceptional. First, the more value you provide, the more people you get to help, and that is your mission, isn't it? Second, in my experience the more value you give, the more credible you are perceived, and the more clients you'll get. Third, it doesn't necessarily require additional resources or cost to provide more value in a book. If you truly want to make a difference in the world, operate from an abundance mindset and provide as much as possible. That simple quality differentiates the highly successful people in this world from the average ones.

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Also, consider building a podcast. I say "building" instead of "hosting" because I believe there is a vital difference; when are simply hosting a show, you can be singularly focused on interviewing guests, but when you are building a podcast, you are creating a library that shares your life's work and deep expertise. This will become an asset that can bring you clients for decades to come. And the same rules applies: Don't hold back!

6. Emphasize upper-tier and other professional branding assets

High-end does not mean something needs to look luxurious. It does, however, need to convey the perception of high quality and professionalism. So, your communication, language, visuals, social media and website have to be aligned in terms of values, brand perception and message.

Nida Leardprasopsuk

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Nida Leardprasopsuk is a business consultant, CEO coach and former Fortune 500 executive with more than two decades of experience. She helps high-achieving and purpose-driven coaches, consultants, experts, thought leaders and service providers reinvent, innovate and become a category of one.

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