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How These 9 Top Sales Influencers Crush The Competition 16,450+ books on sales condensed into nine tips.

By Hurdlr

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There are over 16,450 books covering Sales and Selling on Amazon.

Instead of hitting the books, we talked to the MLM industry's top sales professionals to get their best advice for you. Afterall, what better industry to get sales advice from than the one that's all hustle and strategy.

In fact, these industry leaders account for several million in combined revenue per year.

MILLIONS per year. Let that sink in.
Here's some of the best advice we've received to help you improve your sales strategy – and increase your profit.

1. Know The "Why"

"The 1st value I learned was, I must fully agree and support the driving purpose behind why my company was founded. In other words I had to become a student of WHY my company existed and what problems we were truly solving for those we serve. When I figured this out, my personal growth exploded. Instead of begging for a close, I started sharing the story of the company, and how we are here to help our clients illuminate a specific pain in their life; even if it was not with our products or services."

"The 2nd value I learned, was that I wasn't the hero in the story, I was the guide, mentor, coach, and my clients were the real heroes. I realized there was an evil villain hurting my clients, and they were seeking someone and something to help destroy it. My #1 priority went from reaching my sales quota, to listening and producing a solution for my heroes to kill the pain in their lives. Once I learned these two sales secrets, my closing ratios exploded as did the referral sales. I went from closing sales, to creating raving fans." - Troy Dooly

2. Start With A Story

"You may have heard about the shoe company that sent the salesman down to South America to open a new territory. He came back after a week with no orders. His story was that there was no opportunity in that country because "No one wore shoes."

"So the company sent a second salesman."

"He didn't come back. He just sent order after order setting records for the entire company. When he was asked at the annual award banquet how he did it he proclaimed. "It was easy. The market was unlimited. Everyone needed shoes because NO ONE WORE THEM!"

"Every perception, belief, and attitude we have is the result of a story we "made up". We can either make up one that inspires us or make up one that depresses us."

"The super stars always start with the story." - Richard Brooke

3. Do It With Love

"My mantra is "Love like crazy, then love more.' If I just use that in every interaction I have, business or otherwise, the end result will be that the person on the other side of the table gets listened to and served. We need to stop constantly selling and just be good human beings." - Tom Chenault

"People like doing business with individuals that make them feel good. In other words, you're going to get a lot more business when you're not simply there to "get' your clients money in exchange for what you're selling. Think of it this way. Be the person who they'd want to actually spend time with outside of a business setting. It doesn't mean you have to be their best friend and hang out together, it simply means that you're showing you care through your actions. One of the best things you can do is reach out to a potential client when they least expect it, with no agenda, no contract, no pitch…and just say "hello' to see how they're doing." - Todd Falcone

4. Be Passionate About What You Do

"Once you truly understand and believe in what you are doing, you transform your thought process of "selling' to "sharing'. Ultimately it comes down to Passion, be Passionate about what you are doing. When you are excited and Passionate about whatever you are doing, you will find you can't wait to share it with Your World! Find Your Passion, and then Tell the World!" - Steve Wallach

5. Do Not Make Assumptions About Others

"Never make assumptions about what someone is going to decide, do, or spend. The person you believe is going to say yes, says no and the person you assume will say no might be waiting for your phone call." - Andrea Waltz

6. Communication is Key

"Sales (or a sale), in its most simple form, is communication based on a transfer of belief. Whoever's belief is stronger, will win. Even if there isn't a "monetary value' being transferred, it's still communication and it's still sales!" - Toby & Layla Black

7. Listen Closely

"One of the best sales advice that I truly believe in is you always have to listen to your potential customer and their needs, that way you'll see if your product is a fit for them or not. The ultimate goal of an entrepreneur is to provide solutions to the marketplace. That's why we always have to listen more and speak less. We are given two ears and one mouth for a reason, so we have to use them accordingly." - Jelena Ostrovska

8. Fill Your Pipeline

"Your pipeline must always be full. This is at the very basic level of any sales process, but many sales people get lazy and forget to drum up new business. You are always putting new prospects in your pipeline. If you simply out-work and out-prospect everyone else around you, you'll end up at the top." - Todd Falcone

9. Fail In Order To Succeed

"I've learned over the years that my biggest lessons in success didn't come from my wins but instead came from my failures. The main key to having the success you want is to trust yourself, and the most important thing to remember is to go by how you feel. How you feel will triumph what you think."

"Sometimes, it takes struggles and failures to align with what you were meant to do in life. Be patient and allow this to take place in your life and you will see how it will continue to unfold."

"You are exactly in the right place where you are supposed to be right now. Timing is everything. If you want things to get better, you have to get better. You have to grow to become the person you want to be." - Nate Leung

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