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Find Your Selling Motivation The truth about selling: You can't succeed if you're not motivated. Hit your sweet spot by determining why--and how--you sell best.

By Barry Farber

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A lot of people have a lot to say about selling. They'll tell you their way is the best way to get more customers, the quickest way to get rich, or the only way to gain success. Deep down, however, we all know the truth--that there is no one way to sell. The real secret of selling is to be true to yourself--to sell with honesty and integrity (and a dash of humor) in the way that best fits your unique personality. No one else can do it quite the way you can.

The truth about selling is divided into two separate but equally important parts: your motive and your method. Your motive is the reason you sell in the first place. What are you thinking when you get up in the morning to go to work? Are you thinking about the paycheck? Are you thinking about your customer's business? Are you thinking about the ways your product or service can benefit the greatest number of people?

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