Show Off Your Business Skills in Online Videos. (Really It's OK.)

As visual creatures, people are swayed by a watching a professional make a case on the small screen.

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By John Knight

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Since YouTube arrived on the scene, online video has played a vital role in advertising and marketing. Entrepreneurs and business owners would be wise to take advantage of its power, no matter what their company's stage

By 2017 online video will be used more widely than Twitter and Facebook, Cisco predicted.

Leaders in every sector including health care, retail, food and beverages, banking and travel are sharing videos to showcase their industry knowledge, educate consumers and demonstrate how their products and services work.

The following are some ways small business owners can market themselves and grow their companies business by tapping the power of a video camera:

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Establish expertise. All business owners and entrepreneurs should try to be seen as experts in their fields.

In health care, doctors aim to establish their expertise to gain their patients' trust. Patients want to know they can ask a doctor anything and the doctor can answer any question. By posting videos on a variety of medical topics, doctors can show their skill, knowledge and worthy of a patient's trust.

The same principle applies to other professions. Restaurateurs may seek to demonstrate their understanding of cuisine, while dry cleaners might show their knowledge of cleaning products. Travel agents might post videos about exploring various countries, and bankers could demonstrate their understanding of loans and interest rates via a YouTube channel. Spell out how and why you're the best at what you do.

Before people could research companies online, they simply had to have faith that the business they turned to was reliable. Now, with a click on a video, they can see whether business owners are experts before stepping into an office or store.

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Reinforce trust. When potential customers see you in an online video, they can put a face to a name and business. That's infinitely more effective than a blog post or an email newsletter, both of might have been written by anyone.

To further underscore your trustworthiness, post video testimonials from former and current customers. Reviews on Yelp and Google are important, too, but video testimonials are critical in establishing credibility. People trust those standing before their eyes more than text.

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Help customers visualize a process. Consumers might be hesitant about trying out a new service. With a video showing how you and your company operate, viewers can glimpse what goes on behind the scenes and feel more comfortable about using your product or service.

Images and videos can help potential and current customers understand exactly what you're offering. Business jargon can be hard for the average person to comprehend. With your making a case with visuals, viewers can make a more informed decision.

Human beings are visual creatures, trusting and relying on what they can see in front of them. As a business owner, show customers that you're reliable, experienced and willing to take the time to explain your work. Thanks to online video, all of these goals can be easily accomplished, and you can be on your way to expanding your business.

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John Knight

Surgeon at the Hand and Wrist Institute in Beverly Hills

Dr. John Knight of the Hand and Wrist Institute is a hand and wrist specialist with a focus on minimally invasive procedures. With more than 20 years of experience, he practices in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. He also posts videos on YouTube. 

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