The 25 Best Small-Company Cultures in 2015

Entrepreneur teamed up with CultureIQ to rank high-performance cultures existing at small companies for our Top Company Cultures list.

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From startups to growing businesses and established companies, having a high-performance company culture helps drive a mission, achieve goals, provides support and creates the foundation for employee growth. It provides a productive, engaged work environment that exceeds expectations and gets results.

Entrepreneur, in partnership with CultureIQ®, a culture-management software and service provider, has released its premier Top Company Cultures list. The list recognizes businesses that have successfully instilled a high-performance culture in their workplace.

For our small-company category (companies with 25-49 employees), the industries spanned across the board -- from PR to real estate and everything in between. All 25 companies featured scored above a 92, with church-staffing service Vanderbloemen Search Group taking the coveted number-one spot. Companies were scored in 10 core categories -- collaboration, innovation, mission and value alignment, agility, communication, support, wellness, work environment, responsibility and performance focus -- on a scale of zero to 100. The scores along with a Net Promoter Score were combined to create a cumulative CultureIQ Score. For the full methodology behind the list, see below.

Without further ado, we present you our small-company category for our Top Company Cultures list.

Vanderbloemen Search Group

Church-staffing company
Year Founded: 2010
CIQ Score: 100.00/100

Hughes Marino

Commercial real-estate firm
Year Founded: 2011
CIQ Score: 98.31/100


Company providing user-experience management platform
Year Founded: 2013
CIQ Score: 98.15/100

Rustic Cuff

Retailer specializing in cuff jewlery
Year Founded: 2011
CIQ Score: 97.60/100

Uproar PR

Full-service public relations agency
Year Founded: 2011
CIQ Score: 96.64/100

Kalos Services

Contracting company specializing in construction, air conditioning, electrical and pool heating
Year Founded: 2005
CIQ Score: 95.52/100


Business providing DMV-related content and services
Year Founded: 1999
CIQ Score: 95.43/100

Ytel, Inc

Software company helping businesses communicate with leads and customers
Year Founded: 2012
CIQ Score: 95.33/100


Business providing enterprise goal-setting software
Year Founded: 2013
CIQ Score: 95.21/100

Grow Marketing

Marketing firm focusing on brand experience
Year Founded: 2001
CIQ Score: 95.20/100

Henson Consulting

Full-service boutique PR agency
Year Founded: 2001
CIQ Score: 95.10/100


Provider of sales-acceleration software
Year Founded: 2002
CIQ Score: 95.03/100


Internet marketing company
Year Founded: 2008
CIQ Score: 94.56/100


Provider of job-service platform for telecommuting, part-time and other flexible jobs
Year Founded: 2007
CIQ Score: 94.27/100


Chargeback management company
Year Founded: N/A
CIQ Score: 94.17/100


Provider of software directories to help businesses find the right solutions for their needs
Year Founded: 1999
CIQ Score: 94.15/100

InCrowd, Inc.

Marketing research firm for life-science industry
Year Founded: 2010
CIQ Score: 93.62/100


Influence marketing company
Year Founded: 2012
CIQ Score: 93.33/100

O3 World

Digital-product design and development agency
Year Founded: 2005
CIQ Score: 93.20/100


Software company for television-advertising industry
Year Founded: 2012
CIQ Score: 92.93/100

Bateman Group

Integrated public relations and social-media communications firm
Year Founded: 2003
CIQ Score: 92.77/100

Approved Mortgage Corporation

Mortgage company
Year Founded: 1994
CIQ Score: 92.70/100

Help Scout

Company providing customer-support software
Year Founded: 2011
CIQ Score: 92.32/100


Business providing recruiting software
Year Founded: 2012
CIQ Score: 92.29/100

Kona Ice Corporate Headquarters

Franchise of shaved ice and ice-cream truck
Year Founded: 2007
CIQ Score: 92.23/100

Click below to see what companies made our medium-sized and large-company categories.


The full list presents a total of 75 companies categorized as small, medium-sized or large companies (25-49 employees; 50-99 employees; and more than 100 employees) broken up into three distinct lists based on company size.

The rankings for all companies were determined using CultureIQ's methodology for measuring high-performance cultures. Employees at each company received a survey of multiple-choice questions. The answers were used to assess a company's strength across 10 core qualities of culture. These quality strength scores, along with the employee Net Promoter Score were combined to create a cumulative CultureIQ Score. The companies with the highest CultureIQ Scores became the Top Company Culture list in ranking order. To be considered for the ranking, a company must have at least 25 employees, have been founded before Jan. 1, 2014, and be headquartered in the U.S. Here are more details about the methodology.

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Entrepreneur Staff

Entrepreneur Staff


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