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This $40 Bundle Can Teach You the Project Management Skills You Need to Thrive

Implement greater efficiency into your business or take your career to new heights by learning project management skills.

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The global economy is lagging and small businesses are at risk of going under. Brands of all sizes are trying to be as efficient and lean as possible. Whether you're looking for a way to navigate your own business through these tough times or you're looking to make your resume more appealing, now is a great time to learn project management skills.

Madison Yocum

In The Lean Six Sigma Career Advancement Bundle, you'll learn one of today's most popular business strategies for reducing waste, accelerating product delivery, and driving profit. The four-course bundle teaches you Lean project management principles and shows you how to implement them within your organization to improve overall business processes. You'll learn how to integrate the DMAIC methodology to facilitate growth, and study for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt Certifications.

There's also a course dedicated to Minitab, the industry-standard statistical tool that will help you make more data-driven decisions to save time and improve your final results.

The courses are led by Certs School, an organization dedicated to helping students learn essential skills for the modern workplace at their own pace. Every course is designed by industry insiders with years of experience.

Implement greater efficiency into your business or take your career to new heights. The Lean Six Sigma Career Advancement Bundle is on sale now for just $39.99.

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