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Top 7 Reasons You Should Make Mobile Marketing a Priority Reaching consumers in a personal way can mean big returns through the combined power of individual connections.

By Rehan Ijaz

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Mobile marketing is the "in" thing, and more and more companies are taking advantage. If your brand isn't one of them, you need to get on the bandwagon soon -- or you'll be left far behind your competitors. Here are seven reasons why marketing managers and CMOs must make mobile marketing a priority.

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1. Google said so.

If you start marketing on mobile for one reason today, make it this one: Google's Mobilegeddon update actively penalizes websites that haven't started to consider mobile marketing. Your site should be responsive and easy to browse on mobile devices.

To put it simply, Google will slap your website down in the search rankings. These penalties are becoming stricter over time. If your company hasn't felt the impact yet, you soon will.

2. Mobile reaches a newer, broader audience.

Did you know some people don't use desktops and laptops any longer?

An increasing number of people use mobile devices exclusively. If you aren't marketing on mobile, you're not reaching these potential customers at all.

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3. Social media offers ad platforms.

Facebook and other platforms have realized the potential of mobile marketing. What's more, they've evolved their ad platforms to allow you to easily target mobile customers. You can get started simply by clicking a button. If you already are using social media advertising, this change takes mere minutes.

4. Mobile opens up virtual reality and other possibilities.

Exciting technologies like virtual reality inclusions enable mobile ads to become more engaging and effective. The sheer number of options mean it's never been easier to turn a profit from mobile marketing. There's something for every business in every industry.

5. You can hit them again.

If your strategy also targets desktops, remember it's likely your audience is browsing on mobile devices as well. It can take multiple attempts to reach a customer and resonate with him or her. If you miss the chance on a laptop, you could connect on a smartphone.

6. It's going to get more expensive.

Facebook advertising is a prime example of what can happen when an advertising method becomes popular. Costs have risen many times over in the past year or so, and for no apparent reason. It all boils down to an increasing amount of competition in the market.

The same can be said for mobile marketing. You'll have to engage sooner or later. Better to do it now, when testing costs are far cheaper than they will be in the future. Wait until later, and you may have to break the bank before you gain any real return.

7. It's personal.

Brands always look to get closer to their target audience, but it's hard to do well from behind a computer screen. Mobile devices are different. They're individual accessories that people carry with them at all time. You don't get the same psychological effect with any other media.

Mobile marketing is a more personalized form of marketing because it allows you to get closer to consumers than ever before. This alone can make it more likely to convert viewers into paying customers.

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Mobile marketing is here to stay, and studies show it will gain a bigger position as time goes on. Companies who wait will find it harder to climb aboard, and they'll have to pay more to do it. These seven reasons make the case for every marketing manager to go mobile.

What are your views on the mobile revolution? Will you be incorporating it in your marketing approach in the near future?

Rehan Ijaz

Entrepreneur and Content Strategist

Rehan is an entrepreneur and content strategist passionate about writing stuff for startups. His areas of interest include digital business strategy and strategic decision making.

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