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Watch All of the Best Super Bowl Ad Teasers Here Before Sunday's Big Game From Amazon's Alexa losing her voice to an imperative to support local businesses, here's a glimpse of the commercials that have circulated so far.

By Lydia Belanger

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Super Bowl 52 is this weekend, but a few brands have started building suspense by releasing all or part of the commercials they'll run on Sunday.

Thirty-second ad spots during the Super Bowl reportedly cost $5 million a pop, but brands ranging from Groupon to Stella Artois have begun teasing their commercials for free on YouTube.

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Big names such as Google, YouTube, GoDaddy, Buick and Clorox are sitting out the Super Bowl this year, while brands including Diet Coke and M&M are emerging from the sidelines after taking a few years off. Themes of the ads range from activism to absurdity.

For those who view the commercials, rather than football or the Halftime Show, as the big game's main attraction, click through the slides for a sneak peek of what will air during the Super Bowl.

Amazon’s Alexa loses her voice.

Update Jan. 31, 2018: Amazon released the full 90-second ad four days ahead of the Super Bowl. Watch it below.

Alexa has a cold. Or at least that's one theory.

Amazon initially released a 30-second teaser of a commercial in which its virtual assistant, Alexa, loses her voice. While delivering a weather forecast to a user, Alexa coughs and stops speaking.

In the ad, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos appears floored by the news.

"Alexa lost her voice?" he asks an employee. "How is that even possible?" The employee then informs him that "replacements" are ready, whatever that means.

The ad ends with the date "2.4.18," the date of the upcoming Super Bowl, when a 90-second version of the ad will air during the fourth quarter of the game.

Watch the teaser below.

Skittles teases options for an ad that supposedly only one person will ever see.

Skittles has released a series of video clips. In the first, a news anchor reports that Skittles will only show its Super Bowl ad to one person, a teenager named Marcos Menendez.

Skittles has announced it will stream Menendez's to this mysterious ad on Facebook.

Four subsequent clips released by Skittles, featuring actor David Schwimmer, tease possible scenes from the candy brand's exclusive ad.

One features a Schwimmer with glowing eyes and a beam of light shooting from his mouth as he dumps a bag of Skittles onto the ground. In another, he sits on the lap of a ventriloquist dummy, which sits on the lap of a ventriloquist. The dummy feeds Schwimmer Skittles.

In a third, he's seen floating in a room that with an endless-grid backdrop, and in a fourth, he's feeding Skittles to a sandwich.

An M&M morphs into Danny DeVito.

One teaser from an ad series called "Human" features the red M&M wishing he were human, then morphing into Danny DeVito wearing a red M&M suit and getting hit by a truck.

Another features DeVito bathing in chocolate while wearing an M&M suit and saying, "Mmmm, Super Bowl" while a boom microphone tech looks on skeptically.

In a third teaser, KTLA anchor Sam Rubin and a row of other critics evaluate the commercial and get real about its triviality.

Pringles devises a new way to eat its signature snack.

Actor Bill Hader stars in a 30-second spot for Pringles, in which he and a group of colleagues have a major revelation about how to eat the stackable chips: Stack different flavors to create new, hybrid flavors.

A battle between Mountain Dew Ice vs. Doritos Blaze requires vocal warm-ups.

Actors Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman appear to be preparing for a faceoff in a pair of PepsiCo commercial trailers.

Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott appear alongside them, pumping them up for whatever type of battle they're in for by making them rehearse tongue twisters in front of a mirror.

A Lexus spot doubles as an ad for 'Black Panther.'

Stars of the upcoming Marvel Studios film (releasing Feb. 16) Black Panther, Chadwick Boseman and Letitia Wright, appear in this Lexus commercial titled "Long Live The King."

In the minute-long video, a 2018 Lexus LS 500 F SPORT assists in a stunt-filled car chase which ends at the "World Leadership Conference."

A 30-second version of the ad will air during the Super Bowl, according to Adweek.

Kenau Reeves talks to himself on a motorcycle in the desert.

Keanu Reeves, who in real life is a co-founder of motorcycle company Arch Motorcycle, is seen in Squarespace's ad riding a motorcycle through the desert.

In a teaser video released earlier this week, Reeves ponders whether he should make a website for his company on Squarespace and questions why he's talking to himself.

In a follow-up teaser, Reeves sheds a tear as he describes how easy it is to build a site on Squarespace.

Groupon champions local businesses.

Actress Tiffany Haddish, who starred in the 2017 film Girls Trip, is a known Groupon fan. In a Super Bowl commercial for the deals platform, she encourages viewers to use Groupon to find deals in their communities.

"What kind of person wouldn't want to support local business?" she asks. The ad cuts to football players kicking a football at the groin at a man who reveals himself as "that kind of person."

Febreeze invents a fictional character whose “bleep don’t stink.”

The air freshener brand introduces Dave, a man whose "bleep don't stink." The spot includes an interview with his proud parents, in which his mom admits having a son whose "bleep don't stink" is better than having a son who's a lawyer.

"Dave isn't at your Super Bowl party," text at the end of the ad notes. "But everyone else is."

Two AB InBev beer brands raise awareness about water scarcity.

In partnership with, beer brand Stella Artois makes a statement about water conservation and the distances people have to travel daily in order to obtain potable water in the developing world. Actor Matt Damon provides narration.

A Budweiser ad (sans Clydesdales) also tackles the issue of water scarcity, in the wake of natural disasters.

Kraft will feature ‘real families.’

In a teaser video, the brand has requested family photo submissions from viewers on social media.

"Non-celebrity, non-famous, non-reality-show" winners will appear in a commercial during the game on Sunday for 111 million viewers to see.

Avocados From Mexico teases its fourth consecutive Super Bowl ad.

Actor Chris Elliott strives for empathy in a teaser ad from the produce brand, telling viewers they "deserve more."

"More beauty, more joy, and more Avocados from Mexico," he says.

Peta doesn't budge in its 'Go Vegan' ad.

In this ad from the animal rights group, a man visits a confession booth to admit he's the creator of misleading meat labels such as "free-range" and "all natural."

"You can't get that many animals from farm to plate without doing some really shady stuff," he says, choking up.

The priest does not forgive him.

Tide locks out former commercial star Terry Bradshaw.

Fox NFL Sunday co-host and former quarterback Terry Bradshaw famously appeared in an ad for Tide during Super Bowl 2017. In a teaser released by Tide ahead of the game this year, he discovers he's been locked out of his trailer.

Stranger Things star David Harbour also will reportedly appear in the brand's Super Bowl ad and take over as Tide's spokesperson going forward.

Hyundai’s teaser reveals little but promises a lot.

Hyundai began running a teaser ad for its upcoming Super Bowl commercial on Jan. 21. It doesn't reveal much, but it entices viewers that they're in for a surprise.

It's a follow-up to the automaker's "A Better Super Bowl" ad spot fom last year (below).

Diet Coke embraces the 'YOLO' attitude.

"Life is short," actress Gillian Jacobs proclaims in an ad for Diet Coke. "Just do you, whatever that is. And if you're in the mood for a Diet Coke, have a Diet Coke"

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