Terms and Conditions

In addition to having read, understood and agreed to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of Entrepreneur Media, Inc. (“EMI”) and as a condition of becoming a member of, and thereby entitled to participate in, the Entrepreneur Insider™ Community, You agree to the following Additional Terms and Conditions (or such terms and conditions as may hereafter be amended and posted at this location):


  1. How to Become an Entrepreneur Insider™ Member
  2. Entrepreneur Insider™ Membership Benefits
  3. Acceptance of Entrepreneur Insider™ Resources
  4. Prohibited Member Content and Conduct
  5. Membership Fees, Termination and Refunds
  6. How We Use Your Membership Information
  7. Member Content Contribution Terms and Conditions
  8. Miscellaneous Terms and Conditions

1. How to Become an Entrepreneur Insider™ Member

To become an Entrepreneur Insider™ member, please complete and submit the enrollment form at https://www.entrepreneur.com/subscribe/learnmore.

2. Entrepreneur Insider™ Membership Benefits

As an Entrepreneur Insider™ Member, You will have unlimited access to a variety of resources to help You create, run and grow a successful business (“Insider Resources”), including:

  • Webinars (both live and on demand for later reference), presented by industry leaders and involving their shared tactics and insights on how to create, operate and grow a successful business.
  • Interactive workshops (both live and on demand for later reference) presented by experts in various fields of business on topics critical for entrepreneurial success.
  • Exclusive online groups (collectively, “Chat Groups”), through which You will have access to a network and the support of entrepreneurs to discuss and share ideas and insights on how to address specific challenges faced by Your business.
  • Tools and templates for Your use in growing Your business, such as a marketing campaign planning guide and fitness guide for entrepreneurs.
  • Discounts on one-on-one consulting sessions with recognized experts in various field of business and entrepreneurship, as well as on books and other EMI products and services geared to business owners and entrepreneurs (both existing and future).

Any content You contribute in connection with Your use of the Insider Resources is hereinafter referred to as “Member Content”.

3. Acceptance of Entrepreneur Insider™ Resources

Whether You are participating in any of the Entrepreneur Insider webinars, workshops, Chat Groups, or otherwise accessing and using any of the other Insider Resources available to You as an Entrepreneur Insider™ Member, You understand and agree that those Resources are being provided to You “as is”, and the information contained therein represents the views and opinions of the persons or entities expressing them and does not represent an endorsement by, or the views and opinions of, EMI. The Insider Resources provided hereunder are intended solely for informational and educational purposes, and should not be relied upon without first conducting Your own additional research, including consulting with appropriate licensed professionals and other experts, who can better understand, and whose advice can best take into account and be based on, Your specific circumstances and the laws and other factors relevant to the environment in which You are or will be relying on or otherwise using those Resources. Consequently, You acknowledge, understand and agree that neither EMI nor any of the third parties providing those Insider Resources make any express or implied warranties or assume any liability whatsoever, concerning the accuracy or reliability of those Resources (including the information contained therein), and including any and all warranties about the legality of, or likelihood of success in, relying on, any of those Resources, which could be dependent on a number of factors, including without limitation:

(a) Your specific circumstances,

(b) the laws and regulations of the state, country or other jurisdiction, in which You are or might be conducting business, or

(c) the manner, in which You choose to implement any of the advice or other information contained in such Resources.

4. Prohibited Member Content and Conduct

EMI reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to take appropriate action, including the removal of Member Content and/or cancellation of an Entrepreneur Insider™ Member’s membership and ability to participate in the Entrepreneur Insider™ Community, in the event of a Member’s promotion of, or other communication involving, Prohibited Content or Conduct. For purposes of this Membership Agreement, “Prohibited Member Content or Conduct” means any communication or other material distributed by an Entrepreneur Insider™ Member or conduct by any such Member, which in EMI’s sole discretion:

  • is obscene, indecent, or pornographic material, or material that contains strong sexual, explicit or erotic themes;
  • involves software, applications, products, services, methods, techniques, or tools to violate the rights (including, without limitation, intellectual property rights) of any person or entity;
  • promotes or advocates for the evasion or violation of applicable laws, including criminal activity, defamation, libel or slander, or violation of any third-party’s civil, property or intellectual property rights;
  • promotes or advocates for the use or sale of firearms or ammunition;
  • promotes or advocates for contests, sweepstakes, giveaways, or gambling or other games of chance;
  • promotes or advocates for products, services or businesses of questionable legality (e.g., unproven miracle cures, multilevel marketing, etc.); or
  • promotes, depicts, or otherwise involves alcohol or illegal drug abuse, or use of tobacco or e-cigarette products;
  • promotes, depicts or otherwise involves profanity, violence, or hate speech, bigotry, intolerance, discrimination or harassment, including on the basis of race, nationality, religion, culture, or gender.
  • 5. Membership Fees, Termination and Refunds

    Membership fees are due in advance and, when paid, entitle You to a full month of the Entrepreneur Insider™ Membership (“Monthly Membership Fees”). Monthly Membership Fees are nonrefundable. Your Entrepreneur Insider™ Membership will be automatically renewed each month and payment of the Monthly Membership Fees will be deducted at the time of renewal, unless You cancel Your Membership prior to the next renewal date. To cancel Your Entrepreneur Insider™ Membership, log into Your secure password-protected Membership account and, on the “My Account” dashboard under “Subscription”, click on the “Cancel Subscription” button. If You violate or otherwise breach any of the terms or conditions of (a) this Membership Agreement, including any Prohibited Content or Conduct as set forth in Section 4 above, or (b) any of EMI’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (as incorporated herein by reference), You understand and agree that Your Entrepreneur Insider™ Membership will be immediately terminated for cause, any fees previously paid will be forfeited in full, and You will not be entitled to a refund of any of those fees.

    6. How We Use Your Membership Information

    The personal information we collect from You when You apply for Entrepreneur Insider™ Membership or become an Entrepreneur Insider™ Member may be used by EMI:

    • For the purpose of managing and supervising the Entrepreneur Insider™ Membership Program, including communicating with You as an applicant for, or Member of, that Program, and providing You as a Member with the various products, services and other benefits of the Entrepreneur Insider™ Membership; and
    • For such other purposes and in such manner as provided in EMI’s Privacy Policy, and in particular as set forth in Sections 2 and 3 thereof (the terms of which are incorporated herein by reference at <entrepreneur.com/privacy-policy>).

    As used in this Membership Agreement, “Personal information” is defined in Section 1 of EMI’s Privacy Policy.

    7. Member Content Contribution Terms and Conditions

    7.1 You warrant, understand and agree that Your acts and any Member Content You contribute as an Entrepreneur Insider™ Member shall at no time be considered the acts or Content (including any views or opinions expressed therein) of, or endorsed by, EMI or any EMI Designees. For good and valuable consideration, You hereby irrevocably transfer and assign to EMI, absolutely and with full title guarantee, all rights (including copyright), title (including ownership) and interest in and to all Member Content by EMI and its Affiliates, and its and their respective licensees, sublicensees and other designees, and the successors and assigns of any of the foregoing (collectively, “EMI Designees”), including any Images included in that Content. The rights, title and interest You grant EMI in and to any and all Member Content shall include without limitation the exclusive worldwide right: (a) to register copyrights in such Content in the name of EMI or any EMI Designees; and (b) the right of EMI and EMI Designees to publish, display, distribute or otherwise use all or any portion of the Content (i) in the original language prepared by You or any other language, (ii) in any and all countries and regions throughout the world, and (iii) in any and all forms, formats and media, now known or hereafter developed, including without limitation print, electronic, audio, video, broadcast media, film and other performance media, computer-accessed databases and content feeds, and in such forms as compilations, adaptations, serializations and syndications. EMI shall identify You as the author in connection with that Member Content. You also hereby irrevocably waive, to the extent permitted by applicable law, all claims You may now or hereafter have in any jurisdiction to any and all rights of paternity, integrity, disclosure, and withdrawal, and to any other rights that may be known as "moral rights", with respect to any and all Your Member Content. (As used herein, "EMI's Affiliates" means any party, which directly, or indirectly through one or more intermediaries, controls, is controlled by, or is under common control with, EMI.)

    7.2 Without notice to You and without Your prior approval, EMI and any EMI Designees may, in its/their sole discretion, modify, edit and/or take excerpts from any Member Content, in order to meet its editorial or space requirements.

    7.3 You warrant and represent that: (a) You are entitled to transfer and grant EMI the rights specified in these Content Contribution Terms; (b) any and all Member Content, including any Images included in that Content, is Your own original work, has not been previously published or otherwise reproduced in any medium, and will not infringe or plagiarize the work of any other person or entity. You warrant and represent that You have exercised reasonable care to ensure that the information contained in such Member Content is accurate and does not contain any untrue statements or material that is deceptive, fraudulent or intentionally misleading, or which is defamatory or which invades or otherwise violates any third party's rights. You also agree: (a) to assist and cooperate with EMI or any EMI Designees in the defense of any legal action brought against EMI or any such Designees, arising from the publication of any Member Content; and (b) to indemnify and hold harmless EMI and any EMI Designees for any loss or expense (including reasonable attorneys' fees)incurred if any warranty or representation made by YOU in these Content Contribution Terms is found to be incorrect.

    7.4 You warrant and represent that You have received no remuneration, consideration or compensation of any kind whatsoever from any third party for any Member Content, including without limitation any remuneration, compensation, or consideration of any kind whatsoever from any companies, or other third parties whose identities, products or services are mentioned, discussed, or otherwise appear in any such Content. You understand and agree that receiving any form of remuneration, consideration, or compensation of any kind whatsoever from any third party shall be considered a breach of this Membership Agreement.

    7.5 If You breach the terms of this Membership Agreement, EMI shall have the right, without any liability whatsoever, to terminate this Agreement, effective immediately and to remove any and all Member Content displayed or otherwise published under this Agreement, in addition to such other rights and remedies as EMI shall have under Section 5 above and under applicable law.

    7.6 You understand and agree that EMI cannot prevent third parties from downloading, reproducing, editing, distributing or retransmitting any Member Content. Neither EMI nor any EMI Designees shall be liable or otherwise legally responsible to You for any and all claims, damages, expenses, fees, or injuries of any nature whatsoever, arising out of, or in any way related to, any of that Member Content, and regardless of the media or jurisdiction in which published or otherwise reproduced.

    7.7 You hereby grant EMI and the EMI Designees the irrevocable, nonexclusive, worldwide and fully-paid right to use Your name, likeness, biographical information, and/or voice (the latter, for example, in a video clip or sound file) in any legal manner and in any form, format or media now known or hereafter developed, to promote (a) any of the content appearing as part of any of the Insider Resources, including any Member Content appearing therewith, (b) the Entrepreneur Insider™ Membership Program, or (c) any other of EMI’s programs, products or services.

    7.8 These Content Contribution Terms shall take effect on immediately upon Your registration as an Entrepreneur Insider™ Member and shall remain in effect for the life of EMI's copyright ownership in any of any and all Member Content, regardless of if or when published by EMI and, if published, continuing thereafter until EMI has ceased publication thereof.

    8. Miscellaneous Terms and Conditions

    This Membership Agreement contains the entire understanding between You and EMI and may not be modified, waived or discharged orally. Any modifications, waiver or discharge of any of the terms and conditions of this Membership Agreement must be in writing and signed or otherwise agreed to by both You and EMI. Except if and to the extent that the federal laws of the United States apply, this Membership Agreement shall be governed solely by the laws of the State of California, excluding that state's conflict of laws rules; and You and EMI agree to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the courts located in the Orange County, California. The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of this Membership Agreement shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision.