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Growing a Business

This Gen-Z Inspired Company Started at Zero — Here's How It Became a Pepsi Competitor On Track for $200 Million in Revenue

OLIPOP was founded in 2018 and is a health-conscious surrounding soda. We met with their CEO to talk about insights and trends to make authentic brands.

Buying / Investing in Business

When Investing in a Company, Chasing Growth Might Cost You Millions

Maximizing ROI is always a nice goal, but it's not the only one you should consider.


Many Parents Make This Fatal Mistake When Praising Their Kids, Warns a Psychologist Who Studies Success

In 'Mindset: The New Psychology of Success,' psychologist Carol Dweck reveals the right way to recognize children's accomplishments for long-term success.


Struggling With Productivity? You Just Need to Give Yourself Fewer Options.

How reducing decision options can lead to more efficient scheduling and enhanced performance.

Starting a Business

The Hidden Dangers of Running a Pop-Up Shop Like Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween expects to hire 40,000 seasonal workers and a 'record number' of pop-up locations this year — but how? Pop-up stores are harder to run than you think. Before you get any ideas about launching a pop-up business of your own, let's talk about the real entrepreneurial risks that are scarier than your favorite Halloween horror.

Business Plans

5 Ways to Be Generous While Still Being a Frugal Business Owner

You can be charitable and considerate without breaking the bank.

Health & Wellness

10 Popular Destinations for Digital Nomads to Live and Work

In the digital nomadism age, the world becomes an open canvas for those seeking a flexible and enriching work-life balance.


Are Job Titles Losing Their Meaning? How Job-Title Inflation Could Damage Your Future Career.

When a job title is upgraded without raising the associated responsibilities and requirements, this is called job title inflation.


'That Job Was Hell': 7 Founders Share Their Worst Boss Horror Stories, and What They Learned From the Lunatics

These entrepreneurs lived through bad boss nightmares, but they got the upper hand in the end.

Starting a Business

Being 'Lazy' Paid Off: Her Failed Side Hustle Led to a Business That Brings in Over $100 Million a Year

Jane Lu couldn't imagine working her 9-5 for the next 40 years — so she chose a different path.


Mastering Emotional Intelligence Is the Key to Effective Leadership and Team Building

Why EI is vital for leaders and team dynamics, and how to boost yours.


How to Pivot Your Business During a Crisis — and Why You Don't Need Another Crisis Before You Get Started Pivoting

The concept of the pivot has been brought to the fore in recent years as the answer to crises, pandemics and revolutions. But, instead of reacting, why don't we make pivoting simply a way of doing business?


The 6 Key Metrics Successful Franchise Restaurants Use to Measure Potential

Here are six metrics that top franchise restaurants use — that you can use as well — to determine the potential of a new project and whether it's worth their time.

Money & Finance

The Psychology of Saving Money: How to Train Your Brain to Save

It's called the "$100 Bill Challenge." Mac Gardner, a financial literacy advocate, shows elementary school students a $100 bill and asks them how they might use it. Nine students out...