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3 Cool Ways to Say Thanks to Your Dad This Father's Day

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This Father's Day, since you're past the age of macaroni-art masterpieces and probably are as sick of giving ties as your dad is of getting them, here are some other cool ways to say thanks that are as unique as your relationship with your father.

Go for an experience. What does your dad love? Go beyond the gift of a thing and give him the gift of an experience. Don't just go straight to golf because he does it on the weekends with his work colleagues. Do some real digging and find something your dad loves or has always wanted to try (maybe that you could even do together). Ask his buddies for some help or enlist other family members.

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Maybe dad has always wanted to drive an Indy car? There are racetrack schools, such as the Indy Racing Experience, that has teaching and training tracks from coast to coast. Has your dad dreamed of a day out fishing? Check Groupon or Living Social for a a gift certificate to a local charter he could enjoy on his own time. What about an introductory flight lesson? Check out the small municipal airports near dad's address and there should be a flight school that offers a one-hour "Learn-to-Fly" experience that could have your dad soaring in the clouds this Father's Day.

Think outside the box and show dad you really care by purchasing an experience you can share instead of a gift he can open.

Personalize it. No, I don't mean a monogram or his initials on something. If you are stumped for experience ideas or your dad really is the gift-getting type, then go for something ultra personalized he can use.

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Does dad live so far that something such as an Android tablet or iPad with Facetime or Skype installed would bring the family together? If he's already electronically inclined, try something that keeps on giving all year. Does your dad love scotch? Why not give him a membership and every month he'll get a new scotch or whisky so he can sip a dram thinking of just how loved he is all year?

There are plenty of other monthly membership options you could get dad, too. The monthly membership gifts range from cheeses, bacon, wine and more. Try to think of something dad could really benefit from and invest your Father's Day money in helping him get something he'd never get for himself.

Try a service instead. Dads are notorious for doing things themselves, often to their detriment. What about springing for a service? Would your dad benefit from a lawn-mowing service for six months so he could spend Saturdays doing something he loves? What about a year membership for an activity at the local swimming pool or (if he's really into it) golf club? If all else fails, try a gift certificate for a year's worth of oil changes or car details from the local dealership.

Dads are notoriously practical, so get him a service gift he'll really use and say thanks for all the things he's done for you over the years.

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