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5 Quirks That Contribute to Success

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Success. It's a goal that everyone desires. It's the reason why entrepreneurs put everything "on the line" and possible failure.


Success is the drug every craves. Some experience it, while others never get a taste.

Maybe the latter group's members haven't got the right quirks for it. Here are five that contribute to success.

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1. Having that "can do anything' attitude

Entrepreneurs are a confident group of individuals. Not cocky, but confident -- there's a difference. Entrepreneurs who wake up every day spewing confidence, knowing they can tackle anything thrown their way, will always prevail. Because is a mental game: Always keeping your mind in that "I can do anything" mode helps you tackle everything head-on.

Sure, there are plenty of confidence-building books that help elevate your mental game to the next level. But an even better idea is to surround yourself with other like-minded successful entrepreneurs -- their knowledge, experience and confidence might rub off on you.

2. Making sh*t happen -- regardless of the obstacles

Successful entrepreneurs have a tendency to make sh*t happen, regardless of what obstacles and challenges stand in the way. If you stop and think for 30 seconds, I'd bet that you can quickly think of people who possess this trait. Are they super-human entrepreneurs? No, they just don't slack or waste time.

Being laser focused and not allowing distractions to get in your way are easy ways to get more stuff done. When you focus on being as productive as possible, you will see your success rate improve. The more time and energy you can dedicate to a task, the greater your chance of a successful outcome.

3. Embracing and rewarding team wins (i.e., there are no one-man shows)

When was the last time an , or team won a championship with one player on the team? Never. Wins and championships are the result of hard work from the entire team. The same mentality applies to entrepreneurial success -- repeated team wins will eventually lead to success.

So, embrace, celebrate and reward team wins. A brand is nothing without its team members and their hard work and achievements should be acknowledged. This can go a long way to keeping a team working hard toward bigger goals. This applies to solopreneurs, as well -- virtual assistants, content writers and freelancers all contribute to your success.

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4. Never doubting your gut feeling

Entrepreneurs make poor decisions daily, which leads to regret. Have you ever made a decision based on rational thoughts over gut feelings, only to realize later that you should have listened to your gut?

I have. We all have. I now listen to my gut all the time, whether it's for decisions involving my marketing company or my personal life. Does this approach guarantee success? Of course not; there are no guarantees in business. But I can promise you that nobody knows your business better than you, and nobody has your best interests in mind as much as you. There is nothing worse than failing and having to tell yourself you should have listened to your gut.

5. Celebrating and encouraging others' success

I absolutely hate the term "haters." Does that make me a hater? Oh, the irony!

We should celebrate the success of others and provide encouragement when it's needed. Resentfulness and jealousy are cancerous traits -- they spew negativity and create an unhealthy thought process.

Look at , who is potentially the most-hated player in Major League Baseball. I am a diehard fan; yet even though I am supposed to despise the Yankees, I have to respect what Rodriguez accomplished this past season. He put up solid numbers, when very few people, including his own team, expected much from him in terms of output.

Being genuinely happy for others, even if they are your competitors, keeps you in a positive state of mind, an absolute requirement to achieve -- and celebrate -- your own success.

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