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7 Rising SaaS Startups Delivering Stellar Content They may just be your gateway to additional services in the cloud.

By Andre Bourque

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Contemporary marketing is a new world of challenges, some well-defined and many still evolving. It wasn't long ago when content referred to just about any language and image you could throw onto your website. But content marketing has fast become an art and science of its own.

Content copy has become a place where analog and digital language integrate to attract browser attention, inform shoppers and facilitate their purchase. As you continue to learn and sort out your options, you'll find these seven rising startups delivering value through their stellar content marketing.

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By the numbers.

With reports of more than 3 billion smartphones out there -- and 90 percent of marketers relying heavily on interactive media -- your greater commitment to content marketing looks compulsory. According to Michael De Medeiros, Chief Content Officer of Content Cavalry and Black Box VR, "the most recent data indicates that quality content brings in 75 percent more leads than traditional outbound marketing, costs less than half of old-school marketing approaches and allows brands to own their own narrative and engage consumers directly."

But for you to position your business in a world pursuing branding, customer loyalty, visitor engagement, successful sales and more, you need help. You need experienced and insightful input on how to navigate all the tools in blogging, analytics, social media, infographics and copy.

SaaS made easy.

Software as a Service (SaaS) delivers sophisticated applications for your business use over the internet. This eliminates your need to purchase, develop, install and maintain off-the shelf or proprietary software. It frees you to access the cloud-based software functions over the internet without related software or hardware management issues. And, it advances with the constant evolution of technology and the growth of your business.

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7 rising SaaS startups worth looking at.

1. Wistia

Written copy is increasingly paired with videos -- sometimes even replaced by them. Embedded videos address shoppers directly and often demonstrate a product and its application better than words can. Wistia offers a library of useful lessons -- in video, of course -- on how to create, write, produce and direct videos for successful B2B sales.

2. SocialDraft

This startup offers an archive of blogs to help you understand and optimize social media connections. Recent posts, for example, focus on how social media can build marketing traffic to hair salons. SocialDraft is a clever idea to make mining social media easier. A Social Media Management Dashboard, it's a social media content calendar with drag and drop features that let you schedule your social media placements.

3. Hatchbuck

You will find that content copy is a continuing education process. And, Hatchbuck is a one stop center for ebooks and articles on current trends and news in marketing automation and content strategy. The company's "big help for small business" page offers up case studies of small businesses that achieved big business marketing goals. Hatchbuck also invites users into a community of partners with the same interests, willing and able to collaborate on solutions to meet your needs.

4. SaaSquatch

This site is set up as a formidable library of fresh resources -- ebooks, webinars, case studies and blogs focused on building business through referrals. The company shares valuable referral program explainer videos and ebooks like "Customer Referral Program Best Practices" to educate readers with industry expert advice on building a referral program.

5. Qualaroo

Where web analytics tell you what people are doing, Qualaroo tells you why. The platform takes surveys of specific groups of site visitors and translates them into qualitative data. This becomes a ready and accurate measure of your customers and what they're looking for on your site. Qualaroo's blog resources include "survey recipes" that provide survey users with proven survey questions.

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6. Lavu

Restaurants fill a formidable block of small businesses. The company is promoting its restaurant point of sale software, but its blogs are also very helpful to new business owners of any kind. Articles like "The Science Behind Calories" and an industry-focused set of guides are both instructional and interesting to read.

7. Classy

This SaaS company is the world's fastest growing fundraising platform for social impact organizations. Classy fulfills a need for software directed at non-profit fundraising -- helping the non-profit behave with for-profit know-how. At Classy, you will find ebooks presenting the latest case studies and research on nonprofit best practices and peer-to-peer fundraising trends.

SaaS startups like those reviewed here produce services that reduce your capital investment, prove cost efficient and relieve your IT people to pursue their own business-related projects. You'll find these seven SaaS startups delivering stellar content marketing information and performance. And, they may just be your gateway to additional services in the cloud.

Andre Bourque

Cannabis Journalist | Tech Evangelist Covering High Growth Trends

Andre Bourque (@SocialMktgFella) is a cannabis industry consultant who frequently writes about cannabis trends for Entrepreneur. He is a tech industry influencer and freelance journalist covering high-growth industries.

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