Brendon Burchard Wants You to Live, Love and Matter

In this video interview with "The Pursuit," the renowned life coach shares five secrets to getting the most out of your life -- before it's too late.

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By Kelsey Humphreys

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If you're interested in personal development, high performance or online marketing, you've probably of Brendon Burchard. You've also probably watched one of his videos -- 50,000,000 people have watched him online in just the last 12 months. named him "one of the most successful online trainers in history," and he's written three New York Times bestselling books. He is one of the top 100 most followed public figures on Facebook, and more than 1,000,000 students have completed his online video series and courses like Expert's Academy and High Performance Academy.

A master teacher and trainer, clearly, we can a learn a lot from Burchard. Here are five lessons to supercharge your life from one of the most influential trainers in the world.

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1. Get intentional.

At 19, Burchard was in a horrific car crash that became not only the turning point for his life but also established the foundation for his entire message. Now, he wants others to realized what he realized that night, that at the end, we're faced with three deep questions "Did I live? Did I love? Did I matter?" He started to get intentional in all areas of his life, focusing in on psychology, physiology, persuasion, productivity and purpose. Now he encourages and equips his online students to do the same.

"Figure out what questions you'd ask to see if you were happy with your life. Then wake up every day and live intentionally, so you're happy with the answers at the end," he says.

2. Get consistent.

This trait is a common one among the most successful people on the planet. Burchard often hears people in the high performance space say he "came out of nowhere" in recent years. But, he says, that it's actually quite the opposite. For over 10 years, he has been creating and digitally distributing one substantial piece of content once a week, each week. Don't over-think consistency at first. Instead, Burchard says, just focus on creating and distributing value consistently once a week.

3. Get focused.

One viewer asked what Burchard would go back and change for his first online launch -- a launch which brought in millions. Burchard's answer? That he would go back and be even more disciplined during the daytime hours. Today, he has productivity "laws" that he won't break, including morning routines and time blocking. He says many of us are spending our day being reactive rather than proactive. We start the day by checking our emails before even getting out of bed and then get distracted by the many opportunities available to us each day.

"And sometimes entrepreneurs, successful people, need to put their blinders back on," he says. "They're losing their day to distraction, to faulty obligations."

Burchard says productivity is less about managing time and more about taking charge of your own life. He encourages entrepreneurs to be extremely attentive throughout the day, constantly asking "Is this a distraction? Is this gonna pull me in a way that's not going to add any value to the people who I want to serve?"

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4. Get inspired.

Burchard admits he didn't originally see this life for himself. He didn't think he'd be a consultant for Oprah or a performance coach to CEOs and Olympians. Over time, he kept increasing his skills and his ability to serve. He went on to explain that one reason many don't reach their full potential is because their vision for their life stops at their current skill level or circumstances. Realize you can change your surroundings and learn new things and work to increase your vision for yourself.

"Raise your ambition beyond where you're capable of now," he says. "There's nothing about my hometown that said I'd be working with Fortune 50 CEO's, Olympians, at the highest level."

Reverse engineer what you need in order to get where you want to go, he says. "Your ambitions, don't limit them. Where do you want to go and what would be required of you to grow into that? Put yourself together a plan, and develop the skills to get there."

5. Get committed.

A master motivator, Burchard says that motivation is not actually the problem for most of us. Commitment is the real problem. Unsuccessful people look at what it will take to accomplish their goals and say, "I don't know how to do that." Burchard explains successful people, on the other hand, say "I don't know, so it's my job to figure it out." Burchard had to learn along the way, studying online marketing, video production and even the html skills in order to fulfill his mission.

Want to start getting more results out of yourself and your work? Commit to something bigger than your personal desires. Strive to be a mentor, he says, and ask yourself -- are your customers growing with you? Think about those you serve with your products and services, and ask "What's required of me to serve at a higher level?"

Burchard says that for him, success means that he has inspired others to find their charge and share their message with the world. "Then the day is good, and I feel blessed."

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For more insights from Burchard, watch the video interview.

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