How Three Different Tech Companies Are Tackling the Common Fight Against Coronavirus

Innovating in real-time to stop the pandemic.

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By Sarah Austin • Jun 6, 2020 Originally published Jun 6, 2020

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Coronavirus cases in the U.S. have topped two million with 115,000 deaths (as of this writing). Innovations have been developed to specifically fight the spread of Covid-19. Winning this battle is crucial for America to reopen its economy and get millions of people back to work.

Here are different companies that have designed distinct solutions in a shared fight against the pandemic.

Operation StaySafe: Testing in homes, offices and labs

In the spring, there was an alarming lack of testing in the U.S. In comparison, South Korea had tested 4,000 individuals per million of its population by March. Whereas the United States tested just five Americans per million. As test kits became available, best practices began to emerge that accomplishes a few strategic goals in fighting the outbreak. Largely missing, however, was a solution for businesses desperate to maintain their operations.

Without knowledge of who had been cleared, employees have been reluctant to return the workplace. And without tested employees, consumers have remained at home prolonging business angst. In a recent StaySafe survey of 130 CEOs, 88% said employee testing was critical to jumpstarting their business and yet 75% had no idea how to arrange for testing.

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Operation StaySafe delivers COVID-19 testing solutions for businesses inclusive of non-invasive test types like saliva and mid-nasal. The FDA-approved tests are administered at the workplace, employee homes, or lab. Analysis turnaround times are averaging 24 hours.

MedsLOCK: Real-time COVID-19 insights for critical planning

In battle, it's about designing a war plan, coordinating those plans between different military units so that personnel and resources can maneuver appropriately. China's failure to share critical information with the global community and its efforts to silence critics exacerbated the virus's spread.

MedsLOCK is a monitoring, control and communication system that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain to provide real-time COVID-19 insights. Information is processed, secured and shared with government agencies, non-profits, healthcare professionals and other key stakeholders.

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Scylla: AI-driven body temperature cameras

COVID's most common symptoms are fever, dry cough and being tired. Early identification of symptoms is a key part of stopping the spread. One company can monitor large crowds in public places (such as streets, airports, hospitals, hotels and transportation hubs) and pinpoint individuals who have a fever and/or dangerously high body temperature.

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Scylla uses thermal cameras (which have been used for decades by the U.S. military as reconnaissance tech) to remotely monitor body temperature even when there are large clusters of people in the vicinity. Military drones and aircraft have used thermal cameras to single out enemy vehicles, tanks and human combatants because they emanate heat signatures. In medical application, Scylla's cameras can track temperature warning signs and prevent sick people from infecting others. The info can be used remotely to warn front liners and first responders of hazards nearby.

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