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Take Your Inspiration for Success From the Fire Rooster

The animals of the Chinese lunar calendar embody all the traits we want, and the ones we struggle with.

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Happy New Year! Happy Chinese New Year, that is. It's the Year of the Rooster, the Fire Rooster that is!

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I've gotten to know the Chinese culture a bit better in the last few years, and I'm completely inspired by it. So I thought it would be fun to see what inspiration we can draw, as entrepreneurs, from the Fire Rooster…in honor of the new year.

Build loyalty.

Fire Roosters are infinitely loyal. Sincere loyalty is such a great trait to possess in business, especially when it comes to building a team. To truly be successful, you must surround yourself with people you trust, not only in their abilities but also in their behavior.

As entrepreneurs, we don't often have big budgets for big teams, so we have to keep good people when we get them. The best way to build trust with your team is to treat them really well, help them to be productive and stand at their side as a partner. You need to treat them as partners on their terms, just as much as on yours.

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Manage time

Fire Roosters use their time wisely. They are very responsible with how and with whom they spend it. Good time management is such a lesson learned for anyone in business, but perhaps one of the most difficult. We all get caught up in the fire drill du jour, but it's important to stay purposeful with your time.

Not only should you manage your own time well, but you should also responsibility use other peoples' time as well. That's perhaps the most difficult part of all, and definitely the most overlooked. Don't waste your own time and certainly don't waste the time of others either!

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Channel your impatience.

Fire Roosters are also exceptionally impatient which, depending on the situation, is often considered a negative trait. But if you channel that impatient energy the right way, it's amazing how much you can accomplish with it.

Fire Roosters are immensely productive. That feeling of unease when you think people are taking too long? Use it to help them get their work done and get it done better.

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Every new year, and every Chinese New Year, brings us all an opportunity for change and an opportunity to accomplish perhaps that which we haven't yet completed. Look to the Fire Rooster for some inspiration to build relationships that matter, to better prioritize your many demands, and to use your energy with purpose.

Then you know you'll have a happy new year!

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