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The Future of Disruption: 3 Ways High-Tech Careers Are Evolving for the Next Generation

Disruption is about upending market sectors with innovation. The four companies featured on Season 1 of 'Going Public' are doing just that.

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Music app TREBEL is bringing a bold approach to the streaming industry with various value propositions, like providing free, ad-supported, downloadable music without an internet connection.

Hammitt's approach to luxury handbags and humorous marketing strikes a tone rarely seen in the space, creating lifelong, adoring customers.

By incorporating data and technology into its personalization, PROVEN Skincare shows the skincare and wellness industry just how unique each customer is.

NGT Academy is shaking up the high-tech education space by combining military technical training practices with the prerequisites of the tech-job sector.

Learn more about all of these companies, their innovative approaches and how they are attempting to disrupt their respective industries by catching up on Season 1 of Going Public. You may even be inspired to invest in them.

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