This Course Can Help You Overcome Doubts and Reach Peak Potential Noah Kagan shows you how to break through your doubts in Overcome Fear to Get What You Want.

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Entrepreneurship requires creativity to thrive. Plenty of would-be moguls have long lists of ideas for innovative products and unique services that could lead to business success. However, too many of those lists wind up collecting dust at the bottom of a desk drawer because of one factor: fear.

It won't matter how revolutionary your idea is if fear is holding you back. For example, you might be afraid of failing, afraid of the stress and responsibility that comes with success, or afraid of making the wrong moves financially. Those are all legitimate concerns, but fear will tell you that it's safer to stay at your current job than pursue entrepreneurship — and Overcome Fear to Get What You Want with Noah Kagan will help you kick doubt to the curb.

Prolific entrepreneur Noah Kagan teaches this class on defeating the inner critic that squashes so many ideas before they get off the ground. Kagan is a pro on working hard at startups — after a successful stint at Intel, he became employee #30 at Facebook, then employee #4 at the budget-tracking software company Mint. After getting his feet wet at those mega-successful companies, he took fear by the horns and became a success in his own right with his company AppSumo.

Kagan's course covers fear as it relates to entrepreneurship. His 10 lectures draw from his own experiences with fear, exploring the psychology of business and explaining how fear manifests psychologically and physically.

However, these lectures go beyond the boardroom and tackle the fears that hold you back from being your best self. Kagan delves into issues like taking that special romantic relationship to the next level or getting over your fear of heights by going skydiving.

Overcome Fear to Get What You Want will break down the steps you must take to break through the fear that's holding you back. Usually, this essential course costs $49, but right now you can fight back against fear for only $14.99 (69 percent off).

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