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This is the Apple spot that pays tribute to the path of the entrepreneur

A small eight-minute film portrays in a comedic tone everything that entrepreneurship implies and we can only say one thing: you have to see it!

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

The entrepreneur's journey is a fascinating adventure.


From the moment you perceive the call from the depths of your being, to the moment you dare to take the first step into the unknown and discover powers you didn't even know you had, through the first sale, the first client and the doubts that follow and that terrify you.

An Apple advertising campaign recreates this trip while referring to the phenomenon known in the United States as The Great Resignation (the Great Resignation or the Great Renunciation in Spanish), in which more than 47 million people voluntarily left their jobs . More than an advertising spot, " Escape From the Office" is an entertaining short film that follows four characters who live in fear of their boss, a woman named Vivienne, who forces them to work rigid work schedules. work, with an authoritarian and disrespectful management style... a real nightmare. Fed up with their work reality, the colleagues take an initiative: launch their own business . This is how they begin their adventure, supported by state-of-the-art digital tools that will help them tame the beasts that may appear in their path, make contact with allies, achieve their first sale and finally, consolidate their business.

The comedic campaign portrays the reality of millions of people who are unhappy in their jobs, and while it exaggerates many aspects of bosses and life today, it strikes a chord: the collective weariness of employees around their bosses and their jobs. The campaign is a call to entrepreneurship and independence.


This short film is actually not the first where we see the four colleagues fighting against Vivienne and her nightmarish management. In previous installments we had seen them struggling with the realities of the home office in times of pandemic and the demands of their boss: children screaming at home, video calls taken from the car or from home in their underwear, anticipated project dates and reduced budgets. Although the campaign had already captivated its audience, the latest installment represents the call to emancipation that many of us have been seeking for years.

The three spots in this campaign (" The Underdogs", "The Whole Working-From-Home Thing" and "Escape From The Office" ) were created by the Smuggler agency and have won multiple awards including several Gold Lions at the Festival of Cannes. The short films are a clear example of what a maraca can achieve through storytelling .


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