Top 10 Graduate Programs 2010 The Princeton Review evaluates the best entrepreneurship programs in the U.S. in its annual ranking. Here's a look at the top 10 graduate programs.

Our annual Princeton Review report on business schools offers a roster of the top entrepreneurship programs in the country. The ranking is based on a survey of more than 2,000 institutions, encompassing academics and requirements, students and faculty, and other outside-the-classroom learning opportunities, including partnerships, clubs, competitions and other activities.

Babson College

1. Babson College
F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business

Wellesley, MA
2009-10 Enrollment: 1,436

Babson has a great reputation for entrepreneurship education among students. Its strengths include its technology-management curriculum and its focus on areas that support entrepreneurship, such as private equity and venture capital.

University of Chicago

2. University of Chicago
Booth School of Business

Chicago, IL

Students say that the emphasis on the basics rather than on learning "some predigested goo," along with "an unbeatable" faculty are what make the University of Chicago's Graduate School of Business one of the best programs around. Booth is known for a rigorous quantitative program that compels students to think critically and analytically.

University of Michigan

3. University of Michigan
Stephen M. Ross School Of Business

Ann Arbor, MI
2009-10 Enrollment: 1,600

Students say that the school's strengths include entrepreneurial studies, social venturing, and venture capital/private equity/entrepreneurial finance. On Thursday evenings, be sure to check in at the b-school happy-hour bar, Mitch's. Ann Arbor is a classic college town, but the winters can be fierce. Service is a major part of students' lives and a large number participate in international volunteer programs.

Brigham Young University

4. Brigham Young University
Marriott School of Management

Provo, UT
2009-10 Enrollment: 231

Brigham Young University is the academic epicenter of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, also known as the Mormons. Not surprisingly for a church-affiliated school, personal attributes are also considered along with your application. Many classes begin with an opening prayer. Service is a major part of students' lives and a large number participate in international volunteer programs.

University of Arizona

5. University of Arizona
McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship

Tucson, AZ
2009-10 Enrollment: 55

Eller is known for its close-knit community and the high ranking of its entrepreneurship program. A startup spirit pervades the campus. The McGuire Entrepreneurship Center allows students to pursue a nine-unit concentration in entrepreneurship, with course work in new venture finance, competitive advantage and industry analysis, and venture development.

Rice University

6. Rice University
Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business

Houston, TX
2009-10 Enrollment: 268

The Rice Alliance program integrates business/science/engineering disciplines in the areas of new technology and entrepreneurship, such as nanotechnology, which is a strong discipline at the school. Among the numerous opportunities for entrepreneurial students is the Wright Fund, a student-run fund valued at more than $850,000.

University of Virginia

7. University of Virginia
Darden School of Business

Charlottesville, VA
2009-10 Enrollment: 420

Despite a reputation for heavy academics, the school offers an array of clubs, social activities and other events. A daily "First Coffee," is a break between classes for meeting up with classmates in other sections, friends, or professors. Other favorites include Saturday football games and a Thursday Night Drinking Club in a different bar every Thursday.

Stanford University

8. Stanford University
Stanford Graduate School of Businesss

Stanford, CA
2009-10 Enrollment: 719

Stanford has a culture of entrepreneurship, and its location in the heart of Silicon Valley is a big plus. One student reports lunching regularly with one of the Valley's most successful venture capitalists who teaches there. One example of an elective: a class called "Entrepreneurial Design for Extreme Affordability."

University of Texas at Austin

9. University of Texas at Austin
McCombs School of Business

Austin, TX
2009-10 Enrollment: 275

In addition to the Austin Technology Incubator, McCombs students have several extracurriculars to help them scratch an entrepreneurial itch. These include the MBA Investment Fund, which manages $15 million in private funds, and its Venture Fellows leadership and academic program, which allows students to learn more about the venture-capital and private-equity communities through guest speakers and internships with local private-equity and venture-capital firms.

Washington University

10. Washington University
Olin Business School

St. Louis, MO
2009-10 Enrollment: 207

Olin is a small, private school with a reputation for being friendly and student-centered. The program looks for self-directed, disciplined professionals who will be highly involved in the MBA community as demonstrated by their academic proficiency, leadership potential, communication skills, and history of participation in extracurricular activities.

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