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Top 10 Innovative Beauty Products That Will Change Your Morning Beauty Routine Beauty marketing is dualistic. Some brands opt for all-natural messaging, with product ingredients picked fresh from the organic orchards; but increasingly, other brands are stressing science-based beauty products, manufactured fresh from the labs.

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Beauty marketing is dualistic. Some brands opt for all-natural messaging, with product ingredients picked fresh from the organic orchards; but increasingly, other brands are stressing science-based beauty products, manufactured fresh from the labs.

Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, a cosmetic dermatologist, routinely takes time out from his 5th Avenue clinic in New York City to visit the Estée Lauder offices. There he consults the behemoth beauty brand on cosmetic trends and technological advances, so that their labs and marketing strategies can mimic the treatment patterns he sees in the doctor's chair.

"It's typical that big technological innovations in the beauty world eventually advance and trickle down into more accessible beauty fixes," says Dr. Frank.

10 Innovative Beauty Products that Disrupt Your Morning Beauty Routine
TimeWise, Mary Kay's latest formula, uses a patented blend of age-defying ingredients.

Multi-functionality is also a driving force of innovation in the beauty category.

"Women are smart with their beauty dollars," says Sheryl Adkins-Green, CMO at Mary Kay. "They want multi-beneficial skincare products like CC creams, which provide skin coverage and moisturizer. The products are evolving for convenience and simplicity, like cream crayons that could be used for the lips and cheeks."

Meanwhile, Moj Mahdara, CEO of BeautyCon, says the top innovation she has seen at the national industry summit was a device that uses NASA technology. We asked the experts and even took a stroll down the cosmetic aisles to discover top products that leveraged innovation for the sake of beauty.

Baby Quasar's anti-aging light therapy tools cost between $249 to $749

Baby Quasar Light Therapy

NASA research shows light therapy increases cellular growth by up to 200% and can speed up the healing process. So it developed a device for astronauts to use for treating cuts or relieving pain while in space. It is a light-based skin care system that works by stimulating blood flow and circulation.

Quasar Bio-Tech incorporated this NASA technology for Earth-based beauty buffs. Consumers can use Baby Quasar tools at home to reduce wrinkles, cure acne rosacea hyper pigmentation and reduce pore size.

Tria Hair Removal Laser

This company's Hair Removal Laser 4x is the first FDA-cleared laser for home use, which uses the same diode laser technology preferred by many dermatologists to target the hair follicle. It also has 5 different settings for different skin tones.

Google Glasses

"I don't know think people have realized how this product impacts beauty marketing," says Mahdara.

Companies like L'Oreal are utilizing this tool to promote how-to videos that give viewers the makeup artist's perspective. It's changing the art of beauty video instructions and beauty blogging.

Clarosonic's cleansing device


Exfoliating brushes are nothing new but this product has changed the way people exfoliate by using technology that protects sensitive skin. It features a T-Timer® that beeps and pulses momentarily to indicate it is time to move to another part of your face.

Panasonic uses the secret of nanoe technology

Panasonic nanoe™ Hair Dryer

Advanced hair dryers, curlers and straighteners are boasting technology that protects hair from heat. Panasonic has trademarked a unique nanoe™ technology that takes the moisture from your hair and in the air, and uses it to create tiny, moisture-rich particles that penetrate the shafts of hair.

Drinkable sunscreen

Osmosis Skincare

As you lay poolside, you can drink this product every two to four hours for both UV protection and tan enhancement. Osmosis Skincare uses new technology that isolates the precise frequencies needed to neutralize UVA and UVB.

Sephora Color IQ

You try on foundation in a fluorescent-lit store, and then realize it makes you look blue under natural lighting. Sephora partnered with Pantone, a corporation best known for its color matching system, to eliminate this. At select stores, a sales consultant holds the device to your skin to determine your Color IQ number, which can then be matched to one of the shades in Pantone's Color IQ Library. The device takes a photo of your skin in pitch dark lighting, so that fluorescent lights never lead you to spend on the wrong shade again.

Injectable fillers are on the market

Juvéderm Voluma XC

Recently, advances in skincare have been focused on injectable fillers that tighten skin without going under the knife, according to Dr. Frank. Last year, this injectable gel was the first of its kind to get FDA approval. Allergan, its manufacturer, says it is the first filler that contains Hyaluronic Acid (HA), which is a naturally occurring, hydrating substance found in your skin.

And if you're afraid of needles, you can just drink plenty of water - and avoid smoking, excessive alcohol, sun exposure and tanning booths.

Even legacy beauty brands have to remain innovative

Arden RX

Elizabeth Arden is a global beauty brand that has been around since 1910. But it just partnered with innovative chemical research company US CosmeceuTechs to launch Elizabeth Arden RX. The skincare products will only be available through physician offices; and it contains a DNA Enzyme Complex, a highly potent protein protection Antioxidant Complex, as well as SPF protection.

Joe Lewis, the CEO of US CosmeceuTechs, also founded other cutting-edge skincare ingredients, including Alpha-Hydroxy Acid in 1983, Idebenone in 2004 and CoffeeBerry in 2007.

Revlon's peel to reveal nail file

Revlon File ‘n Peel 6-in-1 Nail File

You don't have to go to a high-end MediSpa to find innovative beauty products. You could find such concepts for less than $10 when you roam the beauty aisles of your local drugstore. Revlon created the first peel and reuse nail file, which exemplifies how simple redesigns can breathe life into an everyday product.

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