Top Female Entrepreneurs to Gather for April Event The Circular Summit will feature a range of industry mentors, media, investors and experts from across the country.

By Lindsay Friedman

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A select group of 250 esteemed female entrepreneurs will be gathering under one roof this April for the Circular Summit.

The event will feature a range of industry mentors, media, investors and experts from across the country. It was created in response to the increase in the number of women in the entrepreneurial world despite a lack of support for women-led ventures, according to its organizers.

"It is time to increase the numbers of women CEOs in the top 3 percent of the Fortune 100," says Carolyn Rodz, CEO of Circular Board and co-chair of Circular Summit, in a press release. "We are changing this by helping women understand the three pillars of their companies: purpose, profit and people."

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The invitation-only event serves as an interactive challenge to build businesses by generating strategic partnerships, providing sources of capital and creating more purpose-driven organizations. Speakers will include Rachel Roy, a designer and philanthropist; Jane Wurwand, co-founder and chief visionary at Dermalogica; Cindy Whitehead, co-founder of Sprout Pharmaceuticals; and Mikaila Ulmer, the 10-year-old founder of BeeSweet Lemonade.

In partnership with Dell, Career Partners International, Entrepreneur, Signia and KIND Snacks, the summit is being hosted and organized by the Circular Board.

According to the press release, the board is a "collaborative accelerator for growth-oriented female entrepreneurs who lead, or aspire to build, businesses with multi-million-dollar revenues." Its co-chairs include Rodz and Elizabeth Gore, Dell's entrepreneur-in-residence. Both women were recently named to Entrepreneur's 2016 "Women to Watch."

"Women only receive 7 percent of venture funding in the United States. And while they are creating twice as many businesses as men, their fail rate is disproportionately higher," Gore says in the release. "By creating a cross-section of mentorship and backing it up with funders, Circular Summit will be a game changer for women in business."

You can apply to attend the event by clicking here.

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