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Why Learning a New Language Now Could Make You a More Successful Entrepreneur

And how to learn a new one fast.

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The world is flattening (figuratively) as international trade is easier than ever and more people speak English than ever. But just because doing business in English is widely possible, doesn't mean you shouldn't learn a new language. There are a number of reasons why entrepreneurs owe it to themselves to learn a new language.

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Plus, with your social calendar nonexistent for the time being and great deals on language learning software and apps popping up (like this lifetime subscription to Babbel for 60 percent off), there's never been a better time to try it out.

It rewires your brain.

When you learn a new language, your brain actually rewires itself. The human brain is incredibly plastic, changing and creating new connections whenever newer, less-used portions of the brain are used. That can actually make you feel smarter in the long run.

See a different perspective.

Language and aren't just opposite sides of the same coin — they blend together in the edge. When you learn a new language, you get a unique look into the culture that speaks and thrives on that language. With that perspective, you may find yourself thinking of things in new, innovative ways.

Improves listening skills.

Listening is vital for any successful , be it in the board room or in the living room. Learning a new language—because you're forced to listen closely—helps improve your listening skills over time.

Creates new opportunities.

Yes, English is a useful skill. But when you learn a new language, you can also communicate with all of those people who don't speak English. That may present opportunities you never knew were there.

Ready to learn? Good, because right now you can subscribe to the world's top-grossing language learning program, Babbel for an unbeatable price. For $159, you'll get lifetime access to all of the languages in Babbel's library. That's a $250 savings.

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