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With Industrious, Get Flexible Office Space and Pay Only for the Days You Need

Establish a hybrid business model for your office.

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Before the pandemic, many Americans would tell you they'd prefer to work from home. As the world slowly gets back to normal, it turns out that some 80 percent of Americans would prefer to still work from home rather than return to the office. For some businesses, that's a non-starter; you need your employees working in person, collaborating toward common goals. But nobody wants to be the bad guy who forces employees back to a stuffy old office.


Instead, consider a hybrid approach to the new world of work. Industrious is a global leader in innovative office solutions, offering individuals and organizations private flex office space on their own terms.

When you think of coworking spaces, what comes to mind? A bunch of freelancers and twenty-somethings playing beer pong in the kitchen between startup meetings? Adam Neumann? Industrious caters to a different crowd; established entrepreneurs and businesses looking for a high-quality professional environment without the obligations and restrictions of a traditional lease. After all, the world's attitude towards work is changing, why shouldn't the spaces they're doing it in change too?

With Industrious, you can have your own private office whenever you'd like, while only paying for the days you come in — no long-term contracts or expensive leases.

Getting started is easy:

  1. Sign up for one of Industrious' membership plans.
  2. Pick your office in one of Industrious' 100-plus locations in dozens of U.S. cities.
  3. Reserve your office on the days you need a little more room, and stay home on the days that you don't.

It's simple. You get the benefits of having a professional workspace that's already set up for you and that you can customize to fit your needs, without being tied to an expensive lease. Not only will your employees appreciate the hybrid option and flexible workspace, but you can offer this collaborative environment while saving a pretty penny on your bottom line.

Industrious' offices are suitable for companies of all sizes, and offer premium amenities that make being in the office that much better for you and your team.

With Industrious, you're paying for privacy and flexibility, so it makes sense that you only pay when you actually use the service. That kind of flexibility has led to outstanding customer reviews for Industrious. Check out Industrious' plans today and see what looks right for you. For a limited time, you'll get a Free Day of coworking when you take a tour at any Industrious location.

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