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You Can Actually Learn to Think More Critically with This Online Course

Develop your thinking skills to reach higher in life.

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If you've ever thought that some people "just get it," you're not alone. Having stronger critical thinking skills can help you land some of the most coveted jobs, improve your relationships, and ensure more positive life outcomes. Unlike IQ, which is genetic, thinking skills can be developed, so you don't have to be the most "naturally" smart person to be the smartest person in the room.

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In short, you just need to learn how to think. And the Mastering Thinking Skills Bundle can teach you how to do just that.

This four-course bundle is led by Timothy Kenny, a teacher and thinking coach who has taught at the Harvard Innovation Lab, the Tufts University Entrepreneurs Society, and General Assembly in Boston. He's consulted with startup teams and helped many people build businesses faster or climb up the career ranks.

Across the four volumes of this course, Kenny will teach you how to think differently about problems and come up with solutions more creatively. He'll teach you how to use metacognition to manage your thinking at a deeper level and motivate yourself to take action after making decisions. You'll learn how to speak the language of metaphors and how to reverse engineer the strategies of the most successful geniuses in history to figure out how they reached their conclusions. Furthermore, you'll demystify 15 secret mini languages that can help you think more critically, including body language, cryptography, sign languages, and more. And, finally, you'll discover the most valuable mental math strategies that will help you succeed in business, negotiations, and everyday life.

You may not be the smartest person in every room, but you can think like it. The Mastering Thinking Skills Bundle is on sale for just $21.99 now.

Prices are subject to change.

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