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6 Simple Ways to Build Wellness Into Your Busy Workday When it comes to taking care of your well-being, creating regular habits are important for long-term consistency. Here are some easy ways to incorporate wellness into your day, one step at a time.

By Allison Jackson Edited by Kara McIntyre

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Everonye is busy these days, so it can be a challenge to prioritize yourself and your own well-being. But regardless of our busy schedules, it's important to build wellness into your daily routine — whatever that looks like to you — whether it's exercising, meditating, taking a break or eating a healthy meal.

Whether you're working from home or heading into an office, carving out wellness breaks throughout the day will make you more efficient and effective. Would you let your phone battery go down to zero? Most likely not, and the same logic goes for you. Taking time to recharge will ensure that you do not drain your batteries (i.e. your brain power and energy level).

No matter what your idea of wellness is, here are six simple steps to help ensure that you build a wellness routine into your busy workday:

1. Start small

When it comes to wellness, it's important to avoid doing too much at once, which can deter you from being consist with a routine. Start small by incorporating some simple ways to focus on your health. For example, instead of looking for a 30-minute slot in your schedule to meditate, try taking five minutes at the start of your day to do some breathwork and get grounded. There are many free apps, including Insight Timer, Headspace, and Calm that can help guide you. It's the consistent small steps that you take each day that compound to help your overall health and well-being.

2. Do what you love

Adding wellness to your day should not be torture. The beauty of self-care is that you get to decide what's enjoyable and what truly restores your well-being. So be sure to pick something that you love and that provides a sense of calm and well-being to your daily schedule.

For example, carve out time to have a mindful meal, where you eat without the distraction of your phone, TV or a book. Focus on the food, including the taste, texture, smell and color. This can also help you notice when you are truly full. Or go for a long, leisurely walk outside — without your phone. Take notice of the weather, the landscape, the sounds and enjoy nature. Studies show that being in nature reduces anger, fear and stress while increasing happiness. Exposure to nature not only makes you feel better emotionally, it contributes to reduces your blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension and the production of stress hormones. That means you should get outside whenever you can.

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3. Schedule an appointment with yourself

You either schedule the day or the day schedules you. Make a wellness appointment with yourself in your calendar, like you would a doctor or dentist appointment. This ensures that the time is blocked and dedicated to you. Setting this type of boundary can be difficult at first, but you'll reap the rewards of these wellness breaks. Best of all, when you block your calendar, it can prevent others from trying to take the time you've set aside for yourself.

4. Progress over perfection – consistency is key

Wellness is not a one-and-done task. You want to focus on the small steps you can make each day to make progress. Consistency is key here. Building up to a regular wellness practice takes time and effort, but you will definitely reap the rewards. Whether it's drinking more water, getting more steps, trying a new workout class or finding more ways to get outside, try targeting one habit at a time. Once you've mastered it, move on to the next one.

5. Keep learning

The only constant is change, and that's true for your wellness journey, too. You may love running one year, but fall in love with yoga the next. It's important to be open to trying new things, listening to your body and keeping an open mind. Whether you read wellness books, articles, join webinars or sign up for newsletters, there are countless ways to learn and improve your knowledge.

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6. Take a break

Not sure what a wellness break looks like or whether it could work for you? Take a few minutes to block some time on your calendar. Here are a few examples that you can easily schedule into your day:

  • Block 10 minutes to close your eyes and meditate.
  • Take five minutes to do some box breathing where you breathe in for four counts, hold for four, breathe out for four and pause for four. Repeat three times.
  • Use 15 minutes to do a few yoga stretches.
  • Physically and mentally take 20 minutes to enjoy lunch away from your computer.
  • Take a 10-minute walk outside.

Whether you take one break or three, starting is the most important part.

"I don't have time" is a common mantra in the working world. The truth is that we all get the same 24 hours: it's all about what we choose to do with it. You either make your self-care a priority, or you make an excuse. If it's important, you will find a way to make time. Hopefully these simple tips will help get you on the right path.

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Allison Jackson helps high-performing women get off the diet train. She is a certified nutrition coach, personal trainer, yoga instructor and pro figure competitor. In addition, she is a keynote speaker for women's retreats, trade organizations and corporate groups.

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