9 Ways Backed by Research to Turn Around a Bad Day Sucking it up is noble but try a little chocolate, too.

By John Rampton

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No one is immune to a bad day. Upper management, fussy clients, tumultuous home life, or possibly even a life altering event that piles the stress on, can cause any one of us to have a bad day. Fortunately we live in a modern era of scientific research centered around balanced living, health and optimism.

We also have new technology that can aid in mental improvement, even for short-term fixes.

1. Binaural beats.

Start off by listening to Binaural beats passively. Binaural beats are brainwave technology that helps your brain get on a different wavelength and change your state. Research has proven binaural beats can train your brain and shift its course from a horrible mood to stress free and optimistic. Get on the app store, download an app that specifically has positive mood boosts, and tune into a frequency that boosts your mood back into the zone.

2. Try 7 Cups of Tea.

When it comes to any problem, there's always an app. Mobile app 7 Cups of Tea provides those suffering from a problem with an active, empathetic listener. Talking about a problem creates new neural pathways in your brain, helping to heal and change habits, as well as problem solve and feel better.

Using an anonymous app is helpful because you don't want to load your friends, family or colleagues with a problem, making their day worse or creating tension with whomever may have caused you grief. If it's your boss, for instance, venting to a co-worker actually can cause more harm than good because they may bring it back to your manager.

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3. Write a thank you email.

Sometimes the best way to turn your day around is get outside yourself. Think about the last person who did something meaningful for you and send them a really specific thank you note. Gratitude studies have shown writing down things you're thankful for will improve optimism. By thinking about something someone did for you and sharing your gratitude, you will improve you own mood (and probably the mood of the other person as well).

I also have found that using this in sales process also helps de-stress the people who you're trying to get as clients!

4. Take a quick walk.

When you're feeling angry or upset, one of the best solutions is to get moving. The blood will move away from your large muscle groups and limbs, where it flows when you're upset or angry due to our fight or flight instinct, and moves back to your brain where you can make better choices and problem solve. Walking will also release endorphins, calming you down.

5. Snack on dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate provides mood boosting benefits due to resveratrol (also found in red wine), which produces endorphins and serotonin. Be careful to keep it to one ounce per day, the amount for optimal health benefits. Buying a bag of dark chocolate snacks and keeping them in your desk may be a good solution, just limit yourself to one treat a day.

6. Meditate.

Meditation has become the "it" exercise when it comes to reducing stress. It is becoming more and more common, with good reason, in corporate settings to have mediation rooms for employees to wind down and get focused. One study showed mindfulness meditation improves long-term focus and the ability to multi-task, so adding mediation to your daily routine may allow you to deal with bad days on the horizon more masterfully. All you need to start is two minutes clearing your brain, and allowing yourself to refocus.

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7. Take a power nap.

Didn't get enough sleep last night? If you can make a quick escape to your car for a nap, you'll help beat the effects of stress and reset your system. A quick 20-minute nap will improve alertness and aid with motor functions. If you can get past 20 into the 30-60 minute zone, you can boost creativity and raise production once you get back to work. You can even use your binaural beats app to train your brain to enter the sleep cycle more quickly and efficiently.

8. Listen to a stand-up comedian.

Laughter is the best medicine, especially when it comes to stress. Listening to a good stand-up routine from your favorite comedian will raise your oxygen intake, stimulate circulation and lower your stress response. Jump on YouTube, Spotify or whatever source you have, listen and laugh.

9. Doctor on Demand.

If your bad day becomes worse and you start to feel ill, panicked, or your days are turning to weeks or months, try Doctor on Demand. You can get an immediate appointment on your phone with a therapist whom you can video chat with and get expert advice on your stress. These doctors can write you a prescription immediately and perhaps get you on the right path to a professional who can help with coping skills during stressful times.

Having a bad day? Today, technology makes it easier than ever to turn your day around.

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