Check Out These Facepalm-Worthy IT Requests We dare you to make it through these without laughing.

By Carly Okyle

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Not everyone is a technophile, and that's OK. Computers are complex machines that can be confusing at times, so there's no shame in asking your IT professional for help. Occasionally, though, the questions asked are less about any gaps in technical know-how and more about a lack of common sense.

IT management company Solarwinds has compiled a list of real, hilarious IT help requests. Whether it's a problem sending an email or dealing with a mouse, these technical difficulties are easy to laugh at.

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Check out the images below. If any of the scenarios seem familiar to you, we suggest you call IT again. Only this time, tell them you're calling to apologize.

Solar Winds

Solar Winds

Solar Winds

Solar Winds

Solar Winds

Carly Okyle

Assistant Editor, Contributed Content

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