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Don't Have Time to Stop for Alcohol? Get it Delivered Instead.

Drizly brings the liquor store to your door.

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Life can be crazy. Between running a company, managing employees, meeting with potential clients and investors, making it to the gym, getting home in time for dinner, getting to the kids' ball games, seeing your friends — it's just plain exhausting. It's no wonder you like enjoying a quiet moment with a drink every now and then. But where do you squeeze a liquor store trip into all that?


Well, you don't. After all, the pandemic got us quite used to home deliveries of everything from groceries to electronics, so why can't we have booze delivered to our doors?

Pro tip: You can. It's legal in 30 states, and Drizly says it operates the largest online marketplace for in North America,. (Plus, it's about to open up in Canada, too.)

Whether you like to have a glass of each evening or you're scrambling around trying to get ready for a summer barbecue, Drizly can lift a weight off your shoulders. Drizly offers a huge selection of alcohol, with pretty much any kind of liquor, beer, or wine you can imagine, from household names to obscure and craft options, all at the same prices you'd expect at your local store. Drizly even offers mixers, ice, party supplies, appetizers, and snacks to help you get that function together at the last minute. Plus, you can schedule a delivery up to two weeks in advance or get on-demand ordering delivered in about an hour in select markets. Drizly works on your schedule.

The website and app couldn't be easier to navigate, allowing you to filter through offerings where you'll find product details, ratings, and reviews for all kinds of alcohol. (You can even choose to send libations to a friend or a very nice gift to clients or potential investors.)

Most markets require a minimum purchase plus delivery fees to help retail partners offset costs. Otherwise, prices are not marked up — they're determined by the neighborhood store you're supporting by ordering. Of course, since you are ordering locally, you might not be able to find everything you want quite as quickly as you want.

Thousands of people have enjoyed ordering from Drizly, and you can join them today and save $5 on your first order of $20 or more with code SPRINGINTOSUMMER5.

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