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Entrepreneur's 10 Most Popular Stories of 2015 Take a look back at the most-read stories of the year.

By Nina Zipkin

What was on our minds in 2015? We wanted to make connections, figure out the secrets of those who hit it big, travel in comfort and style, set goals, build companies with thriving cultures and improve our minds.

Read on for the 10 stories that resonated the most with our audience this year.

10. 11 Secrets of Irresistible People
We all know that one person who makes everyone they meet feel special. You want to be like them and be around them. Why? Because they go through life with integrity, know how to read a room and don't indulge in shallow small talk.

9. 7 Mental Shifts That Allowed Me to Become a Millionaire at 22
That old adage that age ain't nothing but a number is what 22-year-old Tucker Hughes internalized as he graduated from college early to help run his family's real estate firm. Here, he explains the strategies that helped make it possible for him to earn millions.

8. 10 Examples of Companies With Fantastic Cultures
Perks like free lunch or a ping-pong table are not the cornerstones of an effective company culture. An openness that allows for the sharing of ideas from all parts the company, colleagues with a shared vision but differing points of view, a management team that trusts the employees to execute on big projects are all benchmarks of a successful company. Google, REI and Southwest Airlines are a few of the companies that embody what author Sujan Patel sees as having fantastic cultures.

7. 5 Things Millionaires Do That Most People Don't
Who wants to be a millionaire? Many of us will try, but few will succeed. Entrepreneur and penny-stock expert Timothy Sykes recommends the constant pursuit of education and a strong focus and work ethic to help you get there.

6. This All-in-One Travel Jacket Is Approaching $1 Million on Kickstarter
Traveling -- and all of the delays and inconveniences that come with it -- can be a real pain. Boasting a plethora of features such as built-in device pockets, a neck pillow and eye mask, the BauBax travel jacket is currently number four on the list of most-funded Kickstarter campaigns of all time. When we first wrote about it, it was nearing $1 million. It went on to raise more than $9 million.

5. How to Start a Restaurant
Starting a restaurant is no picnic, but you set yourself up for a better chance at success if you truly understand your customer, your market, your menu, your staffing needs and your location. Find out more here.

4. 9 Success Habits of Wealthy People That Cost Nothing
Do you look up to leaders like Apple's Tim Cook and business magnate Richard Branson? You can start emulating them by getting up with the sun. If you want to reach for the stars like Elon Musk, know that the SpaceX and Tesla CEO has an 80-100 work week. If you aspire to have the business savvy of Warren Buffett, the Berkshire Hathaway founder says that the most successful people know the value of saying no.

3. 7 Hobbies Science Says Will Make You Smarter
It turns out the some activities can actually have an impact on your intelligence. Want to boost your brainpower? Cracking open a novel, taking a language class either in person or online, picking up a musical instrument and even going for a walk outside can all make your mind sharper.

2. 9 Phrases Smart People Never Use In Conversation
When meeting new people at a networking event or even just around the office, we all want to seem smart and competent. But sometimes the most innocent of off the cuff remarks can sour the mood almost instantly. Case in point: 'you look really tired' or 'you look great for your age.' When you look to compliment someone or express concern, go beyond those surface comments.

1. 9 Things Managers Do That Make Good Employees Quit
Losing a valuable employee can be as much of a hit to a company's growth as losing a key customer. So what is the secret to not only retaining great employees but helping them and you succeed? It all starts with giving them the tools and the support to expand their skillsets, challenging them to think creatively to solve problems that arise on the job and taking the time to acknowledge their hard work.

Nina Zipkin

Entrepreneur Staff

Staff Writer. Covers leadership, media, technology and culture.

Nina Zipkin is a staff writer at Entrepreneur.com. She frequently covers leadership, media, tech, startups, culture and workplace trends.

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